Socks for the BF

Posted in Knitting at 4:02 am by Jennie

Well, I’m currently working on socks for my BF and it really sucks. I have been working on them for what seems like forever since his feet are sooooooo much bigger than mine. Plus I’ve been naughty and doing ankle socks for myself during the whole process. Maybe that’s why its taken me soooo long. I think I started these socks at the begining of January or was it late December…ah…who knows. But I really want to finish them just so I can say they are done. I had never used Regia before so it was different than my usual Lana Grossa… Here’s my progress so far. Hopefully I’ll be done sometime this month. 🙂


So this is the one finished sock and its mate in the works. Nothing fancy just the basic sock pattern for a mens sock with a slip stitch heel.


Up close pic of the work in progress. I’m using Size 1 US (2.25mm) ChiaoGoo needles that are 5″ long. Pretty nice to work with. They bend a bit and I did break one of them. Luckily I fall under the use 4 dp needle cattegory so I had a spare…well…now I don’t anymore 😦


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