Coworker Scarf

Posted in Knitting at 11:05 am by Jennie

So…I know this is suppose to be the year of socks for me but I have been knitting up other items. I had purchased some decent acrylic yarn at Hobby Lobby (I know I can hear some ewwws out there at the thought of working with acrylic, but it really isn’t so bad. Especially when it doens’t leave a hole in my pocket. hehe) a few weeks back so I could teach another coworker how to knit. Anyways, I had no idea what to do with the yarn. I really liked it since I love bright rainbow colored items. But what to make with it? All I had was socks on my mind. I came across a real neto pattern from a poster who posted on knittinghelp.com forum. He had used it for his malabrigo yarn and the stitch looked really pretty and simple. The actual pattern comes from Scrunchable Scarf. It’s turning out pretty nice. Take a look…

scrunchable scarf

Here are some stats:

Cast on 30sts

Yarn: Honey Bee Sweet Delight

Color : Crayons

Needle: Addi Turbo Circs US6


It’s pretty darn soft and the stiches are comming out pretty defined even though there are a lot of colors going on. I’m really happy with how it’s turning out. I hope my coworker likes it.



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