Rethinking the BF socks

Posted in Knitting at 3:16 am by Jennie

So, I’m sitting here, just debating with myself on what to do. The finished sock for the BF isn’t such a great fit. And I knew this. I knew the fit was a problem when he tried the sock on 2 months ago, but I thought hey, it will stretch. Well, as I’m working on the second sock I’m really fighting with myself over making it a better fit and frogging the first one so I can fix it up a bit. The main problem with the first one is the foot part being a bit snug so I really wouldn’t be frogging the whole sock. Ugh. I think I’m gonna just do it. 😦 that way atleast I’ll be somewhat happy with the end result. Then as I’m thinking I’ll frog, well heck I might as well add some more length to the leg part. Luckily I bought 3 balls to work with so I have a decent amount extra. It’s so sad but this will be the first sock I ever frogged. LOL that sounds so funny, yet soooo horribly sad. But I suppose it had to happen sometime.

BF socks re-think?

Lol there you have me trying to photoshop stuff and doing a not so fantabulous job at it. Anyways, there are the plans. Just frog like crazy and make the leg longer. Ugh I hope all this doesn’t take me another month. I want these done!!! Grrr



  1. Momo said,

    I like the way the yarn is knitting up in that pattern, too. It’s going to be a great scarf! 🙂

  2. Momo said,

    Ack! I put the first comment under the wrong post! It’s supposed to go with the scarf post. :doh: But while I am here, I may as well ask if your blog subtitle a quote from To The Lighthouse? For some reason that came to mind when I read it.

  3. Jennie said,

    Thanks for your kinds words. 🙂 I’m really liking the scarf too, and I did show it to my coworker, well the work in progress and she likes it too, so now I really need to get moving and finish it. Oh and the blog stuff, just me being odd. 🙂

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