V-day Presents!!!

Posted in Knitting, Presents at 4:15 pm by Jennie

Oh My Goodness!!! The UPS truck just delivered me some goodies… Wonderful BF sent me 2 dozen roses from an on-line company called proflowers. I knew he was getting me flowers but it’s always nice to receive gifts in the mail. Ofcourse I opened the box up and the flowers look all not so pretty but after reading the instructions it says to peel a few of the old petals off and in 8 hours the flowers will bloom. So I’ll be posting the not so great pics now and some pretty ones later on.



My box, hehehe I couldn’t wait to open it…


The fancy flowers. Obviously I can not arrange flowers whatsoever. 😦

Finally the really best part of this was that my first order of Fleece Artist sock yarns came in too which was really exciting. I was hit with double gifts. Hurray!! I ordered these two beauties from LittleKnits. The green one is Forest and the othe one is Jester. Green is my favorite color so I couldn’t pass it up and you know how I love bright socks, so Jester hehe just looked and sounded perfect.

Oh they feel sooooo soft and cuddly… fleece artist

This was taken in natural light so it may be a tad brighter… fleece artist 2

Don’t forget to click on the images for a closer look 😉






  1. zehava said,

    Fleece Artist is THE bomb!! they get really super soft after the first wash.

    warning though… i was machine washing them in my evil top-loader (sans gentle cycle… it’s a long story) and they were coming out great. but suddenly (after about 10 washes or so) they started felting… and kept felting a little more each run through the washer and dryer. and now they’re *really* soft and cuddly and kind of felted, but also too small. so if you have a top-loader without a gentle cycle, hand wash them 🙂

  2. Jennie said,

    oh…that is sooo good to know. I wouldn’t want to ruin socks that I worked so hard on. I’m glad to hear that you liked using Fleece Artist. I think I have totally become a yarn snob. It’s as though I can not stop buying fancy name brand sock yarn. I will be in the poor house in no time. But at least my feet will be going in style. hehehe

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