My Winder came today

Posted in Knitting at 12:09 am by Jennie

I’m so excited I just had to post. I ordered my wool/yarn/ball (whatever you want to call it) winder from joanns.com and it came in today. Hurray!! I was so excited I had to take it for a test run and have been winding balls like crazy. At first when I took the winder out of the box it looked kind of cheapy and didn’t seem sturdy because of the plastic look. I was a tad worried since I did read some comments about the winder falling apart on people who just used it once. But oh what the heck, I just grabbed a whole bunch of skeins and went to town. End result…I love it!!!! It really is a decent piece for personal use, I don’t know how well it would last for commercial use, but for me, just perfect. Plus I only paid about $25 for it since I used the 50% off coupon.

Here’s the lovely machine…



Some winding pics of my Regia Sock yarn…I really love bright “clown barf” colors. LOL


This is one of my fave pics, I really like up close shots of the fiber and colors.

Plus it gives me a chance to practice taking better pictures.


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