Sock yarns, Update on BF socks, other socks

Posted in Knitting at 7:00 pm by Jennie

Trekking XXL 100

I just had to use my yarn winder some more so here are my Trekking XXL 100 all nice and tidy. I bought two skeins thinking I could make matching socks, but even from the same lot, the colors are so different. So I’m gonna have to learn to love fraternal socks.  Hmmm.

BF socks work in progress

Ahhh, the BF socks, update… I still have yet to frog the first one, just can’t seem to make myself do it, just yet. Having the socks side by side, you can see the extra length I added on the second one, I’m liking it more. I also added a few more stitches to the foot to give it more room since the first one was too snug. Oh, and I don’t know if it’s noticeable, but I am not using the DP needles I originally started with. And why would that be? I broke another one. Ugh, so no spare, no nothing. I had to switch to my 7 inch Clovers. So Chiao Goo are not the needles for me. I love the length at 5 inches, but I could only seem to maybe finish a pair of socks and they are done with. The Clovers on the other hand seem sturdier, ehh, we’ll see how long they last.


Lana Grossa

This is an ankle sock (I’m so gonna start using “footies” it sounds so much more fun) I started for another coworker. She picked out the color, it’s Lana Grossa Meilenweit Multieffekt color 3020. I’m using needle size US1 fancy Colonial Rosewood DP needles. I really like them. Very smooth. I just hope I don’t break them like I have been breaking my bamboos.


claudia hand painted yarns

I just wanted to post a pretty yarn pic. This is Claudia Hand Painted Yarns the color is Carousel. Purchased from Sheri at…….you guessed it The Loopy Ewe. I still don’t know what to do with it. So far I just snuggle and feel its softness.



  1. zehava said,

    i don’t think i’ve ever seen a pair of entirely matching Trekking XXL socks. 🙂 but they look mahvelous fraternal 😀

    i can’t wait to see the Claudia knit up. i haven’t used Claudia hand painted yet.

    i think i’m becoming jealous of your sock yarn stash ;)!!

  2. Jennie said,

    Aww, eek I’ve been accumulating quite a bit. I posted some more that just came in.

    Yeah, I hope I can live with fraternal twins, heheh, I’m sure no one will have to twist my arm. The yarn feels lovely and there are so many different colors in that one ball of Trekking.

  3. dailystitches said,

    You could knit alternating rounds from each ball and then they would match–but the fraternal approach would be fine too. The colors are great.

  4. Jennie said,

    Hmm, alternating rounds, yeah, that would work quite well…but then again, will I be lazy? Yup, looks like I’m gonna take the lazy route and learn to love fraternals. lol Yeah I know, I’m such a bum.

  5. Janet said,

    A friend of mine knit her second Trekking XXL socks from the outside of the ball so that it would match the first sock she knit. Here are the details:

    Trekking XXL 100 Socks

    But I’m a fraternal sock lover. I don’t mind if they don’t match perfectly.

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