More Fleece Artist + 1 Noro

Posted in Knitting at 1:39 am by Jennie

Hehehe, so I couldn’t pass up the Valentines sale at yarn4socks.com. I believe the sale was anything that had pink in it would be 20% off. Well, a few of the Fleece Artist sock yarns were on that list so of course I had to get some more. This sock yarn is so soft. I still have yet to knit some socks up with this yarn, but I thought I’d just get a few while the price is right.

Fleece Artist Merino Sock yarn Fleece Artist Merino Sock yarn 2

Color (top to bottom): Cosmic Dawn, Parrot, Piñata

Some one-on-one pics:

Fleece Artist Cosmic Dawn

I don’t know how much I like Cosmic Dawn, it has a lot of black in it. So I wonder how it’s gonna turn out.


Fleece Artist

Parrot, hmmm what can I say, it’s different than what I usually go for. Kind of calm a mellow with the lime green.


Fleece Artist
Piñata…ahh…This is a definite pleaser. It’s bright so that = Love. hehe

Oh, and some tidbits about Fleece Artist that I did not know and found out about from the knittyboard.com. I didn’t know that Fleece Artist sock yarns did not come pre-labeled. The store owners who purchase this yarn have to label the yarns themselves, so thanks to them, we actually have names to refer to. Also, the labels don’t have the yardage info on them either. The sweet ladies at yarn4socks.com included that with the names. Oh and on a side note, I forgot to mention that the service was really speedy. I placed my order on Friday and received my yarn goodies on Tuesday, so hurray for Priority shipping and great service.

Now for the +1 Noro

Noro Kureyon

I have never used Noro Kureyon to knit socks with but have seen posts where people have. So along with the sale, I thought I’d go ahead and pick up a skein since it would put me at a bit over the $50 mark, so free shipping for me too. 😉 Well, it isn’t as soft as the fancy stuff, but I really like the colorway a lot. Bright and colorful. I only purchase one skein so I’m just gonna make me some footies. Yup, I’m in such a footies mood, most of my socks have been footies.

EEgaads…I am accumulating a bit too much sock yarn, especially since I’m starting to fancy the nicer ones. At this rate, I really need to slow it down. Bills come first, then of course yarn, then food, wait, I think I have it backwards, lol. Ugh and I have some Cherry Tree Hill coming soon too. Oh well, I can always destash a few months down the road.



  1. zehava said,

    mmmmm… Fleece Artist. mmmm.

    i think my green Fleece Artist socks are the “Parrot” colourway. mine didn’t have so much blue in it 😦 but they’re still pretty 🙂

  2. Jennie said,

    hmm heheh, well, who knows maybe mine just has splashes of blue and tons of green since its still skeined up (hmm is that a word skeined?) eh, but yeah, I’m such a yarn junkie now. I’ve been browsing some of your past post and your socks kick butt, very nice work. 🙂

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