BF sock update.

Posted in Knitting at 3:15 pm by Jennie

Okay, so I did as promised, more knitting and less with the shopping. I finally finshed the second sock for the BF and it actually is a decent fit. I still haven’t frogged the first sock yet, and I know I must. But I am so tired of the freaking sock. I don’t want to work with it anymore. I want to work with my fancy yarns and make something that’s not just stockinette stitch. Ugh. But I still have my coworker socks to finish up and the scarf. The saddest part is all I want to do is look at pretty yarns on-line.

I do feel a sense of acomplishment finishing up the sock. BUT it really makes me rethink ever knitting socks for the BF again since he’s a size 11, ugh I know, I mean they are not crazy huge as I’ve seen other people talk about size 13 or even 16, but compared to my size 5, its just sooooo much work. I think I’m in the all about me zone, where I just want to make nice things for myself. 😈

Anyways, here are some pics of the sock…

BF sock BF sock

As you can see in the pic, I used my homemade wire hanger sock blocker-wannabe. I doubt I’ll ever block these socks, but just for presentation sake. Eventaully I’ll talk myself into acutal fancy blockers, but for now, the money is all for the yarn. :mrgreen:

BF sock

Sock on the foot. Not a bad fit.


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