Frogging 1st BF sock…

Posted in Knitting at 10:46 pm by Jennie

I sadly went through with it. I made myself take scissors to the sock. My heart was beating so fast. The hardest part was taking that first snip. To cut up something that I had worked so hard on was very depressing. But once I heard it rip, that was it, I was on a mission to get this sock ripped and rolled. It took a bit of cutting to even get the sock to frog properly. As you can see in the pics, I had quite a bit of tid-bits all around. I thought I was gonna roll the yarn into a ball, but it became so tedious. Then a bright idea, ahhh use my yarn winder, and after that, ripping was pretty darn fun. I decided to just keep the yarn on the tube and I’ll just knit from it. This way, it’ll give me motivation to finish the darn sock so I can use my winder.

Chronicles of my Frog…

Frogging BF sock 1 part 1 of 6

Taking the scissors to it, oh the agony…

Frogging BF sock 1 part 2 of 6

It took quite a few snips to get it to here.

Frogging BF sock 1 part 3 of 6

You can see all the bits and pieces that came from all the snips.

Frogging BF sock 1 part 4 of 6

I finally was able to get acutal yarn that would unravel correctly.

Frogging BF sock 1 part 5 of 6

Bright idea to use my winder to help me wind as I frogged.

Frogging BF sock 1 part 6 of 6

So now I must knit from the cone. This will be incentive to actually finish.


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