Someone’s destash = jackpot!

Posted in Knitting at 11:06 am by Jennie

A few days back I was talking about destashes and how I’m never lucky enough to get in on the action. Well…I sooooo got me some action. wooohoo. I was lucky enough to stumble onto a new post at the knitters review forum where someone was posting a destash because they were picking up a new craft and no longer wanted to knit, oh I know, what?!? Anyways, I went to the person’s blog where all her pics were posted and stumbled onto a listing for Socks that Rock color Marbles, and boy did I act like a crazy person. She was only asking $15 for it and shipping was included in the price. Helllllooooo this is a major deal. I’ve never had the opportunity to even touch this stuff, but I’ve heard so many people talking it up and loving it so much I had to have some but didn’t want to pay retail for it, not just yet. Well, this was such a opportunity to get this yarn at a steal and for me to check it out. I LOVE IT!!! It is really soft and I mean, I was fondling it for quite a bit. I’m afraid to knit it up because I love it so much the way it is. Now I want more, oh so much more. I’ve been browsing the website to see what else I like, and oh, I like a few $100 worth lol. But no new yarn for now, not until I get the bills paid off and whatnots… then…oh its gonna be craaazzzaaayy…

Socks That Rock

Ahh, the lovely yarn.


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