No knitting. More randomness.

Posted in Random Me at 12:28 am by Jennie

Just a random me thought or should I say rant. Everything is just starting to suck. Work is such a bummer, I’m beginning to hate going to work. School is killing me because work is killing me. I am sooooo tired after work that all I want to do is sleep so I accomplish nothing. I want to knit but I’m too tired and when I’m not too tired I have to study. Ugh. Originally I was gonna become a cop, some sort of specialized one, kinda CSI-ish or Law and Order-ish type person, but senior year in college I decide, hmmm maybe I want to rethink it and become a nurse.  I ended up graduating with a Bachelors in sociology, yeah I know, what am I gonna be a social worker? That’s what I always got from people. I was gonna use that degree to get into the police work field, anyways…fast-forward and add on a few years of pre-reqs for nursing school and here I am, in a slump working as a nurse’s aide in the hospital, procrastinating with my nursing school applications. Ugh, I just seem to have lost my  drive. Maybe I just need to knit a bit, it usually calms me down and de-stresses me.


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