Adreneline Rush!

Posted in Knitting at 9:19 pm by Jennie

I just about had a massive attack. Sheri at The Loopy Ewe had an update tonight and knowing that Sweet Georgia was going to be for sale I had to stalk the site until it was up. I’ve never worked with the yarn but I just had to have some because the amazing woman behind Sweet Georgia is taking a long break so no more sweetness for awhile. I think the yarn went on sale at 8:15pm Central time, I stalked the site at 7:45pm just refreshing until it was available. Oh my goodness it was such a race to the finish. As I tried to check out my first time around one of the yarns I had in the cart was already sold out. AHHHHH!! So bright idea, just pick whatever –> put in cart and check out. I ended up with 3 colorways, I think. I’ll just have to wait and see when I get it, and keep ya’ll posted. All the yarns in that line sold out in practically less than 30 mins. geezzz. Oh, and bills yeah, I’m horrible, I say no yarn until they are paid off, and what do i do? Buy more. Ehh, okay, unless another awesome indie dyer decides to take some time off, I should be good. *crossing my fingers*😳

Ps…yeah I know, plug plug, I keep plugging the loopy ewe, it’s just Sheri totally rocks as a seller and I’m sure many who’ve purchased from her feels the same way. 🙂


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