Finished Socks from the Past

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I know, another post so soon after my rant about roses. But that’s just me ranting, this is what it’s all about…Socks!! I thought since I was washing my socks I’d take pics of them after they were nice and dried. All of these socks went through a normal washing in the washer and then off to regular drying cycle. They came out mushed like thing tend to out of an over stuffed dryer, but I used my ghetto fab wire blockers to prop them for pictures. As you can not see…no wires…I used my handy-dandy photoshop to get them out so some of the images may look a bit odd.

Knit Picks socks

This was my first pair of hand knit socks. I bought the yarn from Knit Picks sometime last year in May 2006. Knit Picks no longer carries this line of sock yarn which is sad because these socks have held up quite well. I used Silver’s sock tutorial to knit these. They turned out pretty darn good for a first timer. I was really excited so off to my local yarn store to get some nicer sock yarn and I picked up the Lana Grossa pictured below…

Lana Grossa Socks

I had actually started the cuff in June 2006, but somewhere from July till November I had fallen off the knitting wagon. But then one night, I couldn’t sleep and it hit me, I should knit and finish up the projects I had started. I frogged the cuff and recasted (is that even a word?) thinking I would make the BF some socks. Turns out I’m a big newbie and did not cast on enough because I thought it was all the same since the ribbing would stretch. Well, it did, just not enough for his ogre feet. hehe. So I was like, hmm I’ll just make them for me. At first i did not like the feel because I could feel the bumps, but after the first machine washing, they soften up a lot. I think the more I wash them the softer they get.

Lana Grossa Socks

Ahhh, the first footies. I had a lot of extra yarn from the first pair that I thought, what the heck, lets make some footies. When working with these I did a few adjustments with going down a needles size smaller. I think I used a US 1 and only cast on 60 while with the above I used a US 2 and cast on 64. These are a more snug fit which I prefer.

Trekking XXL

My first time working with Trekking XXL, hmm what can I say, I liked it. Not as fuzzy as Lana Grossa which is a plus because I could see more stitch definition. But not so soft to the touch at first. But oh my goodness, they are really soft now. Softer than my Lana Grossa’s. Oh and I have tons left to make more socks with. I can go with another pair of footies or some with a longer cuff. Eh who know…

As you can see I have a thing for my socks matching. I’m a freak, what can I say. But I know when I start working with the fancy stuff, matching will pretty much be out of the question. Oh the agony. 😥 j/k…



  1. get stitchy! said,

    Congratulations! You’re on get stitchy!

    Thanks so much for submitting your blog.

  2. Oh, I love those socks! 🙂 That Knit Picks yarn is what I used to make my first pair of socks too!

  3. Sohbet said,

    Perfect 😉

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