More Roses

Posted in Presents at 1:16 am by Jennie

I posted a few weeks back about receiving fancy roses for v-day. Well it turned out that the company had sent me the wrong order. Sweet BF was like what the heck? Those aren’t the roses I ordered. So he sent the company an e-mail saying that they had sent out the wrong flowers, and they told him they’ll send the right order for another day of his choosing. BF didn’t tell me when or anything and the roses came on the first of March. Yeah I know why am I posting this now many days later, I wanted to that day but I had lent out my camera to my brother and it took him till now to get it back to me… 😦

So more pretty flowers for me at not extra charge, hehehe. They actually got me thinking that I really like fresh flowers and that maybe I’ll start buying fresh flowers just because.

v-day roses

You can see some wilting going on. Oh well, still pretty for a few more day.


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  1. zehava said,

    wowweee! aren’t you lucky 😀

    they’re beautiful!

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