Oh Sweet Georgia!!

Posted in Knitting at 1:09 am by Jennie

I finally have pics to show off. 🙂 Just three colors from Sweet Georgia. All I could get my hands on before things were taken out of my cart at The Loopy Ewe since people were already checking out and buying it all up.

Sweet Georgia sock yarn

From Left to Right: Omakase 4, Omakase 2, Omakase 7

More pics of the colors by themselves and what-nots…

Omakase 7

Sweet Georgia sock yarn Sweet Georgia sock yarn


Omakase 4 : This one is one of my faves. The pic just really isn’t that good. 😦 I kinda kicked myself in the bottay when I received my order because I only purchased one.

Sweet Georgia sock yarn


Omakase 2 : I really like the one on the left in the first pic which is also the one on the bottom in the second pic. I liek the more saturated look. They are both the same colorway but obviously there is a slight color difference in them. If I plan to make socks with this color I will have to alternated between them. 😦 I understand that this is all hand dyed so it’s all good. 🙂 I may just make footies, who knows.

Sweet Georgia sock yarn Sweet Georgia sock yarn

No plans to work on these anytime in the future. They are gonna be sitting in the stash until a pattern jumps at me. :mrgreen:



  1. niftyknitter said,

    How beautiful, can’t wait to see your finished project….

  2. zehava said,

    oooo… you lucky lucky thing!! 😀

  3. Becky said,

    Wow – that is soooo pretty.

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