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This past week, Spring Break, I picked up some new hobbies. I’m actually a bit obsessed with them. I somehow stumbled onto lucky star origami while in search for good luck charms as a present for a coworker down on her luck. I am crazily making these cute little stars and can’t seem to stop. I’ve already ordered some special paper to make them and have been practicing with magazine pages and such. Well, this then led to my intrigue with making origami gift boxes because in my search for directions on how to make these lucky stars I stumbled onto beautiful origami gift boxes. Now I have some origami books on box making in my cart at amazon.com but hmmm I’m letting them simmer until I get my head straight and thinking. I want to be sure this is something I am willing to stick with.

My other itch of an obsession are stitch markers. I am dying to try them out. I’ve seen some really pretty one on etsy and was thinking wouldn’t it be fun to make my own. So I picked up some beads and whatnots at Hobby Lobby but held out on tools because I had a 50% coupon (MARA750, expires 3/31/07) for joanns.com and recently became a free shipping member so I ended up with a good deal on a nice tool set and free shipping, hehe, can’t beat that. Plus while I was shopping I just added some more nifty items for my future to be stitch markers. Why not, right? 🙂 The package should get here sometime Friday. Can’t wait to start.

For some reason I am in such a crafty mood. I’m usually not interested in making things other than my knitting. But as I read people’s blogs and see their creations I am so inspired.

On a knitting note, I hope to finally finish my scarf I started last month for my coworker tonight. Hurray! I’m really buckling down and making myself finish all or most of my projects currently on the needles that have been specifically made for people. That way I can eventually start on socks for me again and use the nice yarns I’ve recently accumulated.

I’ll post some pics of what I’ve been up to when I get home. The lucky stars are just too cute. Now I need to find cute jars or bottles to hold them in so I can give them away to boost people’s spirits, I know they put a smile on my face when I see them. 🙂


I made the pastel box and stars are made from origami paper. The shiny stars are made from left over gift wrap paper. And the colorful stars are made from the packaging paper that came from my other origami paper set. Now that I have pics of them, they seem to be so very few in number and they took quite a bit a time to construct. Hmmm.


Origami Lucky Stars Origami Lucky Stars


Finally the coworker scarf. Just so close to being done. The color isn’t how it really looks since it’s night time and I had to use the flash :(, so it’s a bit off. By the time it’s all knit up and done, it will measure just under 7 feet. Ekk, that’s long! But my friend is a a lot taller than me so its gonna work out just fine.

Scarf for Coworker Scarf for Coworker




  1. Janet said,

    Origami’s a good obsession to have! I’ve always found it to be relaxing . . . and FUN too of course.

    The scarf looks lovely!

  2. Zehava said,

    they are freakin’ cute!!!

    i’ve never tried origami. i haven’t the slightest idea how you’d even begin to get a flat piece of paper into a star shape. i’m so impressed!!

  3. keri said,

    Those little stars are really cute – and I thought there were a lot of them. Especially the teeny tiny ones, you must be so patient and have nimble fingers!

  4. Jennie said,

    Janet: you are so right, very fun and relaxing. heheh. I will obsess away. Thanks for the compliment on the scarf. It’s been such a drag, since all I want to do is knit socks, socks, and more socks. lol But I love it now that it’s just about done. :mrgreen:

    Zehava: check your mail, I sent you a link with a vid to show how to do the stars. I won’t be too impressive once you see how simple they are. 😉

    Keri: I wish I had nible fingers, maybe then my knitting will much prettier and not lopsided at times. The stars are actually very simple, fun and relaxing to do.

  5. Chrissy said,

    Wow! Look at all those little stars! I’ve been wanting to learn to make those. I almost picked up som oragami paper at Michaels the other night. My new obsession is learning to make soap. I haven’t started yet, but I’ve spent hours gathering information. It’s hard to have more than one hobby!

  6. myartfullife said,

    I’ve never seen these origami stars before but I love making boxes and other origami pieces requiring multiple sheets of paper. Yesterday I had a blog post about a Swiss architect who’s created origami furniture for kids out of cardboard. Take a look! http://myartfullife.wordpress.com/2007/03/23/origami-furniture/

  7. em said,

    Hi Everyone,

    This is a fun post!

    Even though I have taught children origami, I have not seen instructions for these little stars. I love stars!

    Come see the beautiful stars on my blog — in the most unexpected places! You will be amazed!

    “Everyone knows someone who needs this information!” (TM)
    Use either for prevention or for sharing:

    Best to all — Em

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