Up and Running

Posted in Knitting, Random Me at 7:04 am by Jennie

Hola! So here it is, heheh what I can sort of call, mine. An actual place that I can manipulate just a bit further.

Anyhow, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted some yarn pørn so here’s what I was lucky enough to win on eBay…

A very nice Mill End product from Cherry Tree Hill. It’s a whopping 14oz hank geezz makes me really think about getting a swift. I have it pictured with the regular 4oz skein which looks kinda similar…hmmm could it be that I ended up with the mill end of the Wild Cherry colorway?

Cherry Tree Hill Mill End

It’s so soft and squishy. Like a pillow.



  1. Lisa said,

    Congrats on the New Home! Looks great. Maybe you could post about the process you took to get here? I, too, have felt constricted with some of the limitations of my WordPress theme, but not being a techie, don’t know how to move beyond the free blog site.

  2. Dee said,

    Looks like “yarn hank on steroids”. LOL

    Can’t wait to see how many socks you get out of THAT! WOW!

  3. Amanda said,

    Wow, L-U-C-K-Y win on eBay!

    Great site, I’ve enjoyed looking around and plan to stop by regularly!

  4. kc said,

    Wowee – ‘yarn hank on steroids’ ha! That will be fun to knit with, for sure! Beautiful colors, too.

  5. Jennie said,

    Welcome to your new home! Enjoy it (I know I enjoyed moving to my own domain. Graphic control is a beautiful thing!)

  6. Tiffany said,

    Happy moving in! =D I have a mill end win from eBay, too–definitely invest in a swift, if you can! Mine came with several cut ends, so I think I ended up with 5 total balls of yarn out of the huge hank o’ yarny goodness. =)

  7. Jennie said,

    Thanks to everyone so much for stopping by and checking out my little world. You all are AWESOME for caring to leave me a comment.

  8. Zuleika said,

    That is gorgeous!! I need to check out ebay more often. 🙂

  9. Angela said,

    Thanks for stopping by to my little corner of the web.

    I’m so incredibly jealous of your ebay win.

    I’ll have to go on and snoop around.


  10. Zehava said,

    holy hank batman!! what an awesome eBay find 😀

  11. Janet said,

    Wonderful score! It does look like a mill end and . . . and . . . it’s enough yardage for MORE than just socks! A shawl perhaps?

  12. kelp! said,

    Holy cow, that’s a crazy amount of cth! I’ve noticed the yarn from (probably) that same ebay seller before, but I never really considered the sheer size of the skeins! It looks like that big guy is ready to devour the poor defenseless little skein next to it.

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