Scarf finally done! Socks, almost there.

Posted in Knitting at 4:53 am by Jennie

It took me forever but I had to finish the scarf for my coworker. She’s been expecting it for sometime now. It’s kind of sad because now the weather is getting warmer so she won’t have a chance to use it much. Oh well, as long as it’s done and ready to be gifted. Hurray!!!

Scarf made with Hobby Lobby yarn

Used the full ball/skein of Hobby Lobby Honey Bee yarn.
Pattern: Srunchable Scarf
Cast on: 30 stitches
Final length: just under 7ft
Time it took: felt like forever

Scarf upclose

An up close picture of the stitch. I really didn’t like the extra thin band of yarn that went around the main one. It just snagged way to much as you can see all the mistakes. 😦 The overall effect is pretty but I don’t know if I can say it was worth it.

Hmm what I learned from making something for someone…I liked knitting the scarf in the beginning but when things started to pile up with work and school, I dreaded working with the scarf because I felt the pressure to finish the item because it was going to be a gift. Then every time I would see my coworker I felt worse because I had not been working on it or that it wasn’t done yet. She never pressured me to finish it, just happy to know she was getting something. But for some reason I just felt bad. This really makes me rethink making things for people. I like working on projects at my own pace and when I feel the need to finish something, there is just no joy in making the item.

Okay…now with the BF socks, oh I am so happy here too! Another 60 rounds for the foot, toe decrease and it is done. After all the re-work and frogging woohoo. I can’t wait to get it out of my sight. I have its twin next to my desk reminding me to finish the darn sock.

3/27/07 update to BF sock

I’m really excited that all these projects will be done and eventually I can focus on some items for me. I want to work on more intricate sock patterns with the fancy yarns I’ve been accumulating.



  1. Dee said,

    I’m sure your co-worker will love the scarf. The colors are very happy looking.

    The socks are gorgeous too! That’s a l-o-n-g sock!

  2. Jennie said,

    Dee – Yup, very much so. I’m really glad I stuck with. She made me realize that it is worth it to make things for people who appreciate your hard work and time spent.
    LOL, very long socks indeed. Dear BF is a tall guy, a lil’ over 6ft and with what I call big ogre feet. :biggrin:. The really neat thing I learned from knitting his socks is that I can totally knit knee highs for myself easily since socks for him are the perfect knee high length for me plus a bit extra. 🙂 Knee highs are definitely in the very near future for me. :sideways:

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