Ekk, another not so necessary purchase…

Posted in Knitting at 2:35 am by Jennie

So I’m getting ready for work. It’s about 9pm and I realized that I had read on Sheri’s blog that The Loopy Ewe was having an update tonight where she’ll be having some Yarn Pirate up. I stumble over, I totally missed the update and there was only one colorway left. I’m not too fond of it, but I just had an urge to get it so I can see what the hype is all about. Seeing as I’m also a free shipping lover I had to get more items just so I can get my free shipping. I’ve been eying the sock blockers for some time now, but have really restrained myself from getting them since wire hangers work just as well. Say goodbye to restraint, I added those to the cart, still not enough yet. So being super generous with myself I thought, hmm lets pick up some Louet Gems in black to make dad some socks. Okay, now I’m a wee bit over the $50 mark, but it’s all good, well hopefull…I don’t need to pay the bills this week…lol



  1. georgia said,

    what YP colorway did you get?

    i love my loopy ewe sock blockers. they are so worth the money! love the louet gems too. i bought some last week, and it’s pretty safe to say that i *really* don’t need more sock yarn around here ;).

  2. Chrissy said,

    Hey, at least you got some Yarn Pirate. I was hitting the refresh button every five or so minutes, and I scored 2 of Malamute and 1 of Rosie. Her colors are great. I like the colors you got. The one with the orange right? I’ll be pretty.

  3. Jennie said,

    Georgia – Let me start off and say :w00t: holy cow!!! I am super psyched that you’ve made a visit to my lil’dent in cyberverse. Now I feel like a jack @rse for saying that I’m not lovin’ your creation. :blush: It’s so weird, I know this is all cyberspace and what not but I only thought a handful on people read my entries. :pinch:
    Is it weird to kinda be star struck? Or am I just a weirdo. Anyways back to the question at hand…By the time I got to the site, Clementine was the only colorway left. I was really debating with myself since I normally go for bright colors but there has been so much buzz going on with your yarns I really wanted some to try. Who knows, maybe after one I’ll be hooked and you’ll have another yarn stalker for life. LOL I’m really excited for the blockers too. I didn’t go with the fancy wood blockers, those are on the list for my next order. I can’t wait to try out the Louet Gems, I picked up 3 skeins just I need more yardage. I know what you mean about not needing more yarn. My whole stash is primarily sock yarn. :whistle: Geez look at my novel…

    Chrissy – Oh my goodness, I really know where you’re coming from! When Sheri had the post about updating the last of the Sweet Georgia yarns, I sat at my comp and kept hitting refresh over and over again. There was so much traffic on the site that I was so afraid it was gonna crash. I luckily just threw what I could in the basket and checked out asap and even as I was checking out, I lost a pretty colorway since it was sold out that fast. Yeah I’m pretty grateful that I did end up with a skein, so I’m not complaining there. I do love sock yarn so I’m pretty sure I’ll be fondling it when it arrives.

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