How far the yardage has gone.

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Okay, so one sock down, no problem. I love the fit and feel of this yarn. And of course the colors are awesome! So I weighed the sock on my fancy dandy postal scale and it came out 28g, eek, thinking that I only had 50g to start with. I then weighed what was left of the ball and it was 24g pretty net-o, I had 52g to work with. But here is the dilemma, what the heck am I going to do if I don’t make it since I don’t have any more of this yarn? I’m still gonna go for it, I do have some Trekking XXL 100 I can embellish into this sock, I’ll keep ya’ll posted.

What’s left…

The beginings..

A comparison with another 50g ball…


Hehe my fancy new sock, and lookie here, me trying to be artsy posing the sock in a tree.


A simple pic to marvel at the awesome colors…

One sock


And the yarn is…

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A few of ya’ll got it right on. Especially you Trish, being the first post and all. I thought, oh crap, game over. 😦
It is indeed Fortissima Colori Socka Color 50g ball/skein Farbe/Color 2419. It does look very similar to Trekking XXL Ombre 100. Check out some of the awesome socks knit with the Fortisssima Colorway

My 3 correct guessers are:

Shaking folded pieces of paper in my cup…the first piece to fall out will be it…pieces of paper flying in the air (okay not really that dramatic, just wanted to create a good scene)

And the winner is…








TRISH! (sent you and e-mail)

Once again, thanks to everyone who entered and played. You all are so awesome. Keep an eye out, I have another silly game in mind for May and the winnings will be even better. 😉

Will post awesome pics of the finished sock. When I wake up…long night…need sleep…but had to post winner…

I really like how the colors turned out and I’ve already started on the second one. These socks will break me into the world of fraternal twins. I’m a matcher and this is a big step since having non-matching socks kind of put me awry.


Many thanks!

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(l) I just wanted to thank everyone who played my silly game. I really enjoyed the guesses, and some behind the scene messages.  ;)  You know who you are.  I’ll be posting the sock information tomorrow morning when I get home from work and of course the lucky winner will be announced.  (*)


Contest! Guess the yarn!

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Aright. So here is my silly contest that I think may be some fun. If you can guess the brand and color (farbe) of the yarn I’m currently knitting with I would love to send you a skein of the supper fab Trekking XXL 100. And I know the image is in the post just below, but here it is again…


Saturday night will be the cut off and I will post about the winner on Sunday. If no one guesses correctly, I will put everyone’s name in some sort of container and randomly pick. Have fun, and thanks for playing my silly game.

ETA: Just to add a bit more variety. If the winner already has the Trekking XXL 100, how about a skein of Austermann Step? Ya know, the fancy yarn with Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil infused in it. It is really soft to the touch. So if you’re the lucky winner, you get to pick your prize. 🙂

contest prize


Pushing the Yardage

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Just to keep things a little interesting for me, I thought I’d see how far I could go. I have one cake, just a mere 50g ball of a color I really like. I have small feet, so I was thinking, since I know I can crank out a pair of footies with one 50g ball, what about actual socks? Ya know with cuff + leg + gusset + heel + foot + and toes. I’ll see how far the yardage will take me. Stats about the yarn I’m using will be disclosed at a later date, I’m sort of devising a game plan with it (possible contest in the near future). Here’s my progress so far… I’m really liking the colors a lot.



Happy Earth Day!

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just adding a little green to the page. 🙂


Opal Sock Farbe 185

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I’ve actually finished a normal-ish sized sock with cuff and leg and not just footies. My plan was to make these for my cousin, but now I don’t know because I’m afraid that the cuff and leg part my be a bit snug. I’d never worked with Opal yarns before and well, my gauge is a bit different. Plus I normally just do a stockinette sock and this was my first venture into knitting some type of pattern even if it’s just garter rib stitch. So things are a bit off. I’ve also never made socks for anyone other than myself, so I’m just all sorts of lost. I know the foot length is going to be alright. Hmm maybe I’ll kill the surprise and ask her to try the sock on to see how things look and feel and if all goes well the sock will have a mate. If not, I’ll just start my collection of random single socks seeing as how I already have that greenish footie hanging around.

Opal Farbe 185


Artsy Sock Blockers

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Heheh, I love my new one of a kind sets of sock blockers from Leggy Creations! I have no idea how this all happened, only the fact that I am so lucky. Or should I say, I have a stalking problem. I’ve seen a few of these blockers on various blogging sites and wanted some badly but never would I have imagined that I’d ever score a set since they would always be sold by the time I saw the posting. I happened to see that Becky had posted the butterfly blockers and just had to comment on how cute they were. They were sized for a medium foot, so I didn’t want them since I have smaller feet and having blockers that I couldn’t use, well, that would make me sad. Well, Becky e-mailed me back saying that she could shorten them to fit me, oh man, this quickened my pulse. I was thrilled. Then as I go and re-look at the blockers I noticed that she had another set with a long leg for people who plan to make knee high socks. Oh my, now I’m frantically e-mailing Becky to see if the long blockers were still available because I wanted them too and if she could shorten them. Well, as you can see I have them, hehehe. Their glorious goodness are all mine. Oh and since she was able to shorten the long leg blockers I asked that she just keep the butterfly ones as is since I could use them to block medium sized socks for when I knit them as gifts. Another side note, you’re all probably thinking, what in the world, I already have the red blockers why did I need the wood blockers to be shortened? Well, all this happened around the same time I ordered the red blockers from Sheri, so I wasn’t thinking clearly since those blockers were not here yet either. lol I’ve gone mad. Sock obsessed mad.

And here ya have it…the awesomeness.

Sock Blockers

This one is called: Butterfly Love

Medium Sock Blockers

This one is called: Flower Power

Long knee high sock blockers


A Happy Friend

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I’m really glad that I made the rainbow scarf for my coworker/friend. I had told her sarcastically that she would have to to send me some pics of her wearing the scarf if she wanted me to give it to her. A few posts back I had written about the crazy cold weather we were having, and so she had a chance to wear the scarf. yippie. I’m kind of giddy because this was my first actual knitted item that I gifted to someone and that it’s been put to use. 🙂

Scarf Scarf

B, you rock girl! Thanks for sharing the pics with me. (l)


A not so perfect pair

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So I finally finished the footies for my coworker friend and well, I must have had some tension issues because the second one is a lot looser and kinda bigger. The first one, for some reason I knit it pretty darn tight making the fabric pretty dense. It has been about a 2 month time span, so hmm. I guess I’ll have to just make another one and hope that my tension will be the same and the 3rd sock will be similar to the 2nd one.


Not really a perfect pair


You can also see how the tips are different, which makes sense if I’m knitting looser than I’ll need more yarn even if I knit the same number of rows. So I’ll have to cast on again asap.

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