Feels Like my Bday

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I’m so excited!!! My packages arrived today. My two books from buy.com and my order from The Loopy Ewe. The sock blockers are too cute and they made me realize that I have small feet. I mean I knew I had small feet, but a visual representation is just weird.

My Books: Socks Socks Socks & More Sensational Knitted Socks


I do have one semi-small gripe about the books. For the money I paid I would think that these books are new since prices are comparable to Amazon.com. But the SSS book the cover was totally bent when I opened the box. I’m kinda a weirdo about my books looking nice and this really bothers me. Then the MSKS book looks like there was a price sticker on it and someone removed it but you know something was there because of the residue, this I can live with. Am I so petty with this. 😦

Okay…on to the good stuff that turned my frown upside down…My awesome order at The Loopy Ewe…

Loopy Ewe Order #3

Just nice picture of all that came. It felt just like my Bday. Sheri always wraps the yarns and it feels like opening presents as I rip into the package. Delightfully fun!


Single images, heheh prolonging the suspense.

Loopy Ewe yarn purchase #3 Small Sock Blockers


Ahhh Louet Gems color: Black

Louet Gems Black Up close Louet Gems Black

This stuff is amazing! So soft, and I mean pillow soft. I am very glad that I went ahead and purchased this yarn. If all goes well, I may start a Louet stash. Especially since I bought a few of Cookie A’s designs.


Last but not least…Yarn Pirate colorway: Clementine

Yarn Pirate : Clementine

Very soft and really bright. I’m still not all about the colorway but I know I like the feel of the yarn. Maybe after I figure out a good pattern to work with it I may come to love it. The yarn is actually a bit brighter than the picture shows it it. If you look at the very top where the sun hit the yarn that’s more or less what the yarn really looks like.


And finally…some pictures of the Opal socks I started…

P1000747Opal socks in progress Opal socks in progress

And see how I just had to put my new fancy blockers to good use. hehe I’m really lovin’ them a whole lot! Oh, and I forgot to mention that I’m knitting this sock with 5 double point needles instead of my normal 4 and I’m really diggin’ it. I have more control and it just feels like I don’t need to worry about ladders. Hmm but I’ll have to see when I start doing simple stitch on the foot just to be sure.



  1. Trish said,

    Don’t ya just love boxes. I got mine in today too. It’s so nice that Sheri personalizes your order instead of just throwing it into the box and sending it on it’s way.
    I’ve been thinking about starting a stash of Louet too. I’ve been itchin’ to try out one of Cookies new patterns. :d

  2. Jennie said,

    presents, presents, oh it’s all about the presents. The adrenalin rush of it all, ahhhh. I second the motion to start a Louet stash. 🙂 Keep me posted.

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