Posted in Knitting, Random Me at 10:56 am by Jennie

I am feeling pretty darn easy now. Just took my exam, didn’t do super fab on it but not too bad just right smack inbetween. I can live with that! Now I can focus on finishing up the socks for the BF. Oh and I started working on some random socks for someone, I have a few people in mind, but it’s not set in stone yet. I’m just doing a simple garter rib, ya know from SKS. The only reason I started it out of the blue was because I have a few skeins of Opal sock yarn sitting around in my stash. I’ve yet to knit with it and I saw a deal for Opal on eBay, but was thinking, I better knit with this yarn to see if I like it before I jump head first and buy more. So far so good. It’s a decent mass produced yarn. At first I didn’t like the way the colors were looking but its grown on me and I’m starting to love it. I only have a few inches done, and it’s just nice to be working with another color and yarn type because the Regia is driving me crazy. I’ve been looking at it for months. Anywho, will post some pics when I get on home from campus. 🙂


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