The tedious BF socks

Posted in Knitting at 4:34 pm by Jennie

The fraking socks for dear BF are done!!! I made myself finish them up last night. I just couldn’t stand looking at them anymore and had to convince myself that if I could start a new sock and knit 20+ rows I could at least knit the 20 rows left to the BF socks. Stockinette after oh so many rows just drives a person crazy. Anywho here they are…

Regia Socks for the BF Regia Socks for the BF w/ruler

The image with the green ruler is just me trying to show how freakishly long I made the leg, and then it turns out the foot is just a little under 12 inches. Ekk. After this experience, I know knee highs for me are not gonna be a problem. 🙂



  1. sonja poor said,

    Nice looking socks and great matching! Way to hang in there. You left a nice comment on some of my Fixation socks in Flickr. I’ve never even noticed comments. I’m not a blogger so I’m fairly new to all this. Thanks!

  2. Trish said,

    lol….to think I’ve thought about knitting up some socks for my sisters BF who is 6’7″ and wears a size 12 shoe. I may start a pair for my hubby soon but his foot is only a smidge bigger then mine. :d

  3. Jessi said,

    Thanks for your comments. After looking at all your wonderful socks, I think I’m finally going to go ahead & buy some sock blockers. I’ve been wanting to make some more socks and I think they’re just what I need to get myself motivated. They sure do make socks look pretty anyway. :o)

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