Sock Storm

Posted in Knitting at 9:53 am by Jennie

I’ve been knitting up a storm, or I should say, rumbling weather. I’ve finally kicked myself in the bootay to get going with my sock knitting. I think it was a month or so back that I started this:

Lana Grossa

and it has finally been taken out of queue and turn into this: Lana Grossa Anklet

All I have to do is get its twin on the needles and ready to be knit up. These socks were suppose to be gifted oh some time ago.


I really don’t like the colors and how they look. The sock look dirty with odd specs in the solid strip sections. Plus I don’t know, I’m just not feeling the colors. Which makes me sad because I love greens. 😦 Oh well, as long as the recipient is happy.


Progress on the Opal socks…

Opal Sock I’m starting my heel flap. I’m now realizing that I should have just gone with stockinette because the colors look so busy and looking and the flap, the colors would have been prettier in just plain stockinette. Another Oh well…I suppose as long as I’m knitting and happy-ish.



  1. Trish said,

    I normally use the slip stitch heel because it pulls in more and seems to fit my foot better. The stockinette heel just bags too much on me.
    The socks look great. As long as the person who’s wearing them loves them every thing will be great. 🙂

  2. Jennie said,

    Trish, yeah I do the slip stitch heel too. I was referring to stockinette because it would probably show the color better seeing as how the ribbing makes the colors look crazy.The slip stitch heel showed me what the colors could’ve looked like. I must have worded thing wrong. Not enough sleep… ;(

  3. Shannon said,

    I think the socks look good. Maybe they will grow on you when they are finished.

    I tried to subscribe to you blog via bloglines, but it couldn’t find the feed. I’ll try again later. Maybe just a hiccup on their side.

  4. Jennie said,

    Shannon: Oh my goodness you rock! Thanks for bringing to my attention that my bloglines wasn’t working. It was all me, I typed the site address in wrong, geez must have been a brain fart moment. :p

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