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Posted in Stash at 8:39 am by Jennie

My first Koigu order! Pretty darn squishy stuff. I like it, obviously since I picked up quite a few. So many people were raving about it, so knowing how I am, I just had to have some too.

Lots of Koigu KPPM

Lots of Koigu KPPM

Here’s what became of my 14oz Cherry Tree Hill mill end…

Cherry Tree Hill

I didn’t encounter any knots or breaks I as wound up the yarn. Although I had expected it to all be a big gigantic continuation of yarn, but it was a mixture of many small hanks and I’m kinda sad that I didn’t photograph it. Which makes sense that its a mill end so the hanks are under 4oz duh, cuz they can’t sell it. LOL. And the funny thing is all cakes are slightly different in color variations.



  1. Shannon said,

    That will be a lot sock knitting there. but the colors are beautiful!

  2. Zehava said,

    mmmm… koigu. i can’t help that i still love the stuff, even though our former LYSO had a pretty crappy experience ordering from them.

    they aren’t very far from me… less than an hour away. i wonder if they have some sort of liquidation/mill ends type sale area at their place. hrmm…

    i checked out the Cherry Tree Hill mill ends on eBay too. i bid on a few, but i suck at eBay and was outbid and lost ’em all so far. i’m hoping to get a bright solid colour to use with the leftovers of my Pot Luck bright skein.

  3. Trish said,

    I love the colors you picked up. I’ve never managed to get my hands on the CTH mill ends on ebay.
    I’ve never knit with Koigu but I have two skeins here but alas it will not be here much longer. Both skeins will be off to their new home here in a week. I bought them for a swap pal.

  4. monica said,

    I am suffering from Koigu envy right now. That is lovely, and such beautiful color choices.

  5. Rasa said,

    (y) The Koigu colors are famulous! I just recently purchased 2 skeins myself and am waiting for socksspiration! I bought a skein of great adirondack recently and “potamus” hit me square in the face…so I’m busy with those!

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