A not so perfect pair

Posted in Knitting at 8:25 pm by Jennie

So I finally finished the footies for my coworker friend and well, I must have had some tension issues because the second one is a lot looser and kinda bigger. The first one, for some reason I knit it pretty darn tight making the fabric pretty dense. It has been about a 2 month time span, so hmm. I guess I’ll have to just make another one and hope that my tension will be the same and the 3rd sock will be similar to the 2nd one.


Not really a perfect pair


You can also see how the tips are different, which makes sense if I’m knitting looser than I’ll need more yarn even if I knit the same number of rows. So I’ll have to cast on again asap.



  1. Trish said,

    Your probably right on the money that it’s different tension. Did you measure the different stitches per inch on both socks?
    Hope the third sock matches one of them. :d

  2. Jen said,

    Cute yarn! Love the striping!

    I’ve been toiling away at my first pair of socks using magic loop. All is/was well with the tension – and I was amazed that I’d managed to figure out the stripe pattern in the yarn so they matched. However, somewhere just after the heel, my stripes have gone a little off and are now more than a whole round off. You can’t really tell by looking, and maybe this is even normal, but it’s strange how that happened.

  3. Jennie said,

    Trish: Yup, I’m one stitch off. 😦 I do hope #3 will work out and match with one of them. These footies have been in the making for too long now. lol I bet my friend already forgot that she picked this color out and has socks coming. At least it will be a suprise. 😉

    Jen: I want to learn magic loop sometime this year, but I hope to beef up my general skills first. Thanks for liking the stripes, they still haven’t grown on me yet. 😦 Oh and I love the color of your socks, so bright and cheery!

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