Artsy Sock Blockers

Posted in Knitting at 3:13 pm by Jennie

Heheh, I love my new one of a kind sets of sock blockers from Leggy Creations! I have no idea how this all happened, only the fact that I am so lucky. Or should I say, I have a stalking problem. I’ve seen a few of these blockers on various blogging sites and wanted some badly but never would I have imagined that I’d ever score a set since they would always be sold by the time I saw the posting. I happened to see that Becky had posted the butterfly blockers and just had to comment on how cute they were. They were sized for a medium foot, so I didn’t want them since I have smaller feet and having blockers that I couldn’t use, well, that would make me sad. Well, Becky e-mailed me back saying that she could shorten them to fit me, oh man, this quickened my pulse. I was thrilled. Then as I go and re-look at the blockers I noticed that she had another set with a long leg for people who plan to make knee high socks. Oh my, now I’m frantically e-mailing Becky to see if the long blockers were still available because I wanted them too and if she could shorten them. Well, as you can see I have them, hehehe. Their glorious goodness are all mine. Oh and since she was able to shorten the long leg blockers I asked that she just keep the butterfly ones as is since I could use them to block medium sized socks for when I knit them as gifts. Another side note, you’re all probably thinking, what in the world, I already have the red blockers why did I need the wood blockers to be shortened? Well, all this happened around the same time I ordered the red blockers from Sheri, so I wasn’t thinking clearly since those blockers were not here yet either. lol I’ve gone mad. Sock obsessed mad.

And here ya have it…the awesomeness.

Sock Blockers

This one is called: Butterfly Love

Medium Sock Blockers

This one is called: Flower Power

Long knee high sock blockers



  1. kris said,

    lucky! (in a napoleon dynamite tone) it really does pay to blogstalk!

  2. Jen said,

    Lucky duck! I had DH try to bend me some coat hanger blockers yesterday, but no luck. I may have to spring for some blockers from Loopy Ewe or something.

  3. jane said,

    Those sock blockers are too fun. Love them!

  4. Jennie said,

    (*) awww thanks! I do feel super lucky and it shows how blog stalking does pay, hehe 😉

  5. Thank you SO MUCH for the glowing review and posting about my blockers. I’m so glad you like them! Can’t wait to see them in action on your blog.

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