Opal Sock Farbe 185

Posted in Knitting at 2:13 pm by Jennie

I’ve actually finished a normal-ish sized sock with cuff and leg and not just footies. My plan was to make these for my cousin, but now I don’t know because I’m afraid that the cuff and leg part my be a bit snug. I’d never worked with Opal yarns before and well, my gauge is a bit different. Plus I normally just do a stockinette sock and this was my first venture into knitting some type of pattern even if it’s just garter rib stitch. So things are a bit off. I’ve also never made socks for anyone other than myself, so I’m just all sorts of lost. I know the foot length is going to be alright. Hmm maybe I’ll kill the surprise and ask her to try the sock on to see how things look and feel and if all goes well the sock will have a mate. If not, I’ll just start my collection of random single socks seeing as how I already have that greenish footie hanging around.

Opal Farbe 185



  1. Rasa said,

    Don’t be so confused!!! The sock looks great – you did a good job!

  2. Jennie said,

    (*) Thanks for the pick-me-up!

  3. Jen said,

    Nice! I know what you’re saying about the size, though. Feet are weirdly shaped. 😉

  4. becky said,

    I can’t believe the serendipity of this post. I’m knitting socks for the “administrative professional” in my school and am running into the same size issues.

    I too have only ever really knit socks for myself and never even checked for gauge on them. When I started using the Tofutsi yarn as a gift sock (and when everything else I was making was getting all wonky because I refused to swatch for gauge) I had the same concerns. I do o.k. getting guage but these socks I’m making look enormous- but the secretary has fat calves-but who can really tell- but-but-but.

    I finally decided that bigger was better than smaller and that she’ll be grateful if I can manage to do the whole thing without dropping stitches and she can wear them-even if it’s just to slop around the house in.

    I so know what you’re talking about though!

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