Contest! Guess the yarn!

Posted in Contests at 12:29 pm by Jennie

Aright. So here is my silly contest that I think may be some fun. If you can guess the brand and color (farbe) of the yarn I’m currently knitting with I would love to send you a skein of the supper fab Trekking XXL 100. And I know the image is in the post just below, but here it is again…


Saturday night will be the cut off and I will post about the winner on Sunday. If no one guesses correctly, I will put everyone’s name in some sort of container and randomly pick. Have fun, and thanks for playing my silly game.

ETA: Just to add a bit more variety. If the winner already has the Trekking XXL 100, how about a skein of Austermann Step? Ya know, the fancy yarn with Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil infused in it. It is really soft to the touch. So if you’re the lucky winner, you get to pick your prize. 🙂

contest prize



  1. Trish said,

    OK….here’s my wild stab in the dark. Drum Roll Please!
    Fortissima Socka Colori Color #2419

  2. Lisa said,

    You know, that looks very much like “Trekking XXL 100” I hope it is because I love that colorway.

  3. kris said,

    ok, it really looks like trekking 100 to me. hmmm….could this be a trick question??? i hope nobody gets it so that we can have a drawing! 🙂

  4. Jen said,

    Yeah, I have to say Trekking XXL 100 Ombre

    pretty stuff!

  5. zehava said,

    oooo… i know… i know!! 😉

    this is so fun of you to do Jennie!

    good luck to everyone 😀

  6. Jennie said,

    🙂 You all Rock for playing along with my silliness!

  7. kc said,

    I hate to say the same thing, but I think that’s Trekking XXL 100, too! At first I thought maybe Regia Bamboo… but I don’t see any white and the colors are too bright. Tricksy!

  8. Nicole said,

    I, too, am going to have to guess that it’s Trekking XXL 100.

    Whatever it is, it sure is pretty.

  9. Jen said,

    Ok, I’m changing my guess. Fortissima 2419.

    Dude, I have way too much time on my hands…

  10. Shannon said,

    It lloks like it might be Trekking. But I’m goign to guess that it is Fortissima too. The color doens’t seem quite right to be Trekking 100.

  11. Rasa said,

    I too think it is Color Trekking XXL color #100. But my question would be how do you get a 50 g ball when Trekking comes in 100 g skeins!?

  12. Lisa said,

    She didn’t say it was a full ball, only that she has 50 grams.

  13. Jennie said,

    Lisa: Heheh

  14. GoldieLocs said,

    Okay, I checked some more of the flicker photos (I hope that’s permissible) and I am going to guess Trekker XXL 100 as well. It’s gorgeous and I’m going to have to check it out, as I just joined a sock KAL. I think I might finally knit a pair for MYSELF and that’s just a pretty colorway.

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