How far the yardage has gone.

Posted in Knitting at 3:45 pm by Jennie

Okay, so one sock down, no problem. I love the fit and feel of this yarn. And of course the colors are awesome! So I weighed the sock on my fancy dandy postal scale and it came out 28g, eek, thinking that I only had 50g to start with. I then weighed what was left of the ball and it was 24g pretty net-o, I had 52g to work with. But here is the dilemma, what the heck am I going to do if I don’t make it since I don’t have any more of this yarn? I’m still gonna go for it, I do have some Trekking XXL 100 I can embellish into this sock, I’ll keep ya’ll posted.

What’s left…

The beginings..

A comparison with another 50g ball…


Hehe my fancy new sock, and lookie here, me trying to be artsy posing the sock in a tree.


A simple pic to marvel at the awesome colors…

One sock



  1. Rasa said,

    Congratulations on the sock! It really looks nice – you did a great job. It really gets easier with each pair – the directions start to make sense!

  2. Trish said,

    The colors are gorgeous.
    You’re probably going to run out, which is one of the reasons I want to learn how to knit toe ups.
    Bout the only thing I could recommend is to find a solid color or something that goes well and do the toe in the different color. If you want the socks to match you can tear out the toe on the first sock and reknit it with the new yarn.

  3. Jen said,

    Yikes! I’m running into a similar thing with the socks I’m knitting for my husband. His feet are sooooo much bigger than mine! I think he’s getting ankle socks.

    You could always order another skein. 🙂

  4. Shannon said,

    Beautiful sock! You could always frog the first sock back a little bit on the length.

  5. zehava said,

    oooo… i LOVE it! the colours are just amazing!! 😀 i *must* add that yarn to my stash very soon.

    you could always do the toes in a solid colour 🙂

  6. Jennie said,

    Thanks for all the great tips! (y) I’ll definitely put them to use. And yes, this is really awesome yarn, I know, I’ve said it sooo many times already, but I really like it. Although,I’ve heard that some people don’t like to work with it because it feels a bit scratchy. I didn’t have any problems working with it, but then again I’m a crazy lotioner. Just a word of caution to those of ya’ll with sensitive hands. (l)

  7. turtlegirl76 said,

    You’ll be just fine. I very rarely use the entire 50g when doing a sock. The only way I do is if I go toe-up and TRY to use it all. Even for my giant footed sister, I have a really healthy cuff in the end. I wouldn’t sweat it.

  8. Oh my! That is just scrummy!

    I really hope you don’t run short of yarn, although it’s looking that way. 😦
    I’d definitely go with doing both toes in a solid colour that complements what you have. I was really surprised at just how much yarn it takes to knit the toe, so you’ll probably have enough if you go that route.

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