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Posted in Random Me at 5:52 am by Jennie

So I’m sitting here, going crazy trying to write a research paper and my mind keeps wandering off. I decide to browse some blogs just to give myself a little break and a thought came up that I’ve been wondering about for quite some time now. What are your thoughts on blog comments? I mean as in responses. Some people will reply to comments in the comments section and other will send an e-mail. I try to do both, but at times I wonder. For instance, sometimes people my just come by post and never come back again, if I posted a reply in the comments section, they’ll never know, or if there are comments and no reply post by me, people who just come by may feel like they shouldn’t comment since I don’t post replies. LOL yeah I really think way too much about stuff like this. Back to the paper… 😦



  1. Hello Jennie,
    I can completely understand about getting sidetracked when doing research papers – I’m in that same situation with exams etc this week.

    As for comments, I’m not sure which works better. I would like to email people back but sometimes I don’t have their contact info.

    Anyway, have a great day.

  2. Jen said,

    yeah I go back and forth about the comments but for now I generally just post back to my comments page. When I comment, I sometimes follow up and see if there’s been a reply to me, and sometimes not. Depends on what I said. 😉

  3. That is hilarious. My mind wanders like that too. And I’m wondering the same thing! I generally don’t post responses in the posts because I am one to post a comment and then not go back unless I happen to “pass by”. So I usually don’t see the response. People have to leave their emails when posting to my blog, so I usually email them instead. You are getting tons of comments and it seems like they are all your blog stalkers (heh heh!) so I think either way is fine.

    Oh, and I noticed you have the “notify me of follow up comments” so that would make it easier too. How tech-y you are!

  4. Shannon said,

    Hah. I remember when I was doing research papers and my mind would wonder off – it would have been nice to have a blog to post to as a quick diversion.

    I like the e-mail response to comments – but I don’t need one. And on my blog not everyone leaves an e-mail address. The nice thing about leaving an answer in the comments section is that another reader with the same question may get an answer.

  5. Trish said,

    lol….trying to avoid writing the paper. I got my yarn in this morning. I love the color and the stitch markers are so cute. 🙂
    I normally respond to comments through individual emails. Plus I go check out their blog to and most of the time I find a post on their blog that I want to leave a comment on.
    There are some blogs like Blogger that do not make replying to a comment easy. The only way you can reply to an email is if that person has an email address in their profile. Most people don’t want to do that because they don’t want to be flooded with junk mail. The comments issue was the big reason for me to swap from Blogger to Typepad. 🙂

  6. Jennie said,

    hehe secret pal: you are such a blog stalker. 😉 Ugh I know how you feel, I have finals next week too and I am such a procrastinator. eekk. All I can say is, school sucks, especially since I’m get another degree with the change in careers and what not.

    Jen: Yeah I know what you mean. Sometimes I know when a certain blogger just responds only through their comments section, I’ll have to make a note to go back and check their response.

    bockstark: hmmm what is this? you tryin’ to spread the word around? lol. I’m gonna try to incorporate bockstark into my daily chit chat. Haha, I wish I was tech savy, I don’t even see that option when I’m logged in, guess only ya’ll can see the option to follow up on the comments. :p

    Shannon: making a mental note to shower you with e-mail responses. lol

    Trish: Oh wow, that’s some quick postal service. Oh and I do like your blog on Typepad. Lately blogger has been driving me nuts since I have to continually enter my info over and over and over to comment on people’s awesome stuff.

    Okay, yeah how psycho am I? This is by far the super longest response I’ve done. hmmm, I’ll have to really rethink this the next time around. :s

  7. I started answering comments via e-mail, but I’m lousy at it! I find it difficult to keep up with using e-mail, not that I’m overwhelmed with comments on my blog. LOL.
    I much prefer to answer them, and be answered on the blog itself.

    Like Trish, I also make a point of visiting the blogs of people who take the time to write on mine, and leave them a note too.

  8. kc said,

    I mostly answer comments in the comments. I figure, that way other people can see my answer. Sometimes comments deserve a more in depth or off topic answer, and then I will email 🙂

    When I leave a comment, it is normally on a blog I visit regularly, so I tend to go back and check on it 🙂

  9. zehava said,

    i always read my comments… i love getting them. but i don’t always answer. and if i do, i answer with another comment.

    i hope that isn’t bad blog etiquette! lol

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