Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Posted in Contests at 6:35 pm by Jennie

I hope everyone had a fantastic Saturday!

I’ve been bumming it and really not studying at all. Just going back and forth with notes and TV. Anyhow, I do have a winner for my contest and she pretty much had ya’ll beat comment-wise so the odds were on her side. My last week winner is also this weeks winner…TRISH. BUT also ZEHAVA. I’m in a giving mood so I used a random generator to pick the second winner. hehe.

I love it when ya’ll comment, and I love to give sock yarn, so if there are blurkers out there, comment and you might get some lovin’ back. 🙂


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  1. zehava said,

    wow!! thank you a bazillion times Jennie!

    i even just made up a little sing-songy thing to tell SO… he thinks i’m nuts. “i’m getting sock yarn, cuz Jennie’s awesome.”

    (if i disappear, he’s committed me to an asylum to cure me of my sock yarn addiction 😉

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