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I stumbled on to this neat-o rating system from Gimmesanity’s blog. Very nifty.

Online Dating

LOL, I try to be such a goodie-two-shoes when I write stuff since it’s the on-line world you never know how you come off to people. In the real world, I have a bit of a potty mouth, but for some reason, I feel the need to be pretty clean on-line, how odd is that.



One Monkey Down

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It’s been almost a month since I ventured into unknown territory. Moving past the plain vanilla stockinette socks and onward towards what seems to be the most knit sock pattern of the moment…Cookie A’s Monkey socks. It really is a quick knit, but I had to put it away for a bit since it dawned on me that I’ve signed myself up for quite a few swaps and exchanges. Eppp. So I had to start some of those projects right away. First up, I really need to finish up socks for my Sockapalooza4 pal. I decided on the Lorna’s Laces Uptown, but it’s not looking as fab as it did all skeined up. I’ll have to post some pics of it when I get a chance so ya’ll can give me some input. And sadly, I really need to get going on the baby blanket that is just lingering in my knitting bag. It’s about more than half way done, but grrr, summer classes and work have just tired me out. I hardly get much sleep time. Which then makes me look like this…. Anywho, here is my one fantabulous monkey…and yes, I did cast on its mate so I could eventually end up with a pair.

One Monkey down P1010183

Sorry about this drabby pic, but I really wanted to show how the yarn really looks like in real life since my previous pic shows it being brighter.

And last but definitely not least, I want to say a big T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U to Janet for sending me such a great gift. The hand cream is awesome. If ya’ll ever get a chance, definitely check this stuff out. It’s a light cream and soaks right into the skin leaving a nice Verbena fragrance. Plus I get to try out some Gardener’s Hand Therapy. I’ve been wanting to check this stuff out since quite a few people have recommended this stuff on some of the knitting forums.

Present from Janet


I *heart* Yarn4Socks.com

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LOL More haording, little knitting. But I have started my socks for my Sockapalooza4 Pal. So yippee for that! Will keep ya’ll posted when I take more pics. I just wanted to post a shout out to the awesome on-line sock yarn store: yarn4socks.com. They had a great special for their subscribers. 20% off!!! That’s just amazing! I was able to add to my Fleece Artist stash. Yeah, I know, I’ve yet to knit with it, but like I always say, sock stock doesn’t go down, it’s a pretty stable investment. hehe.

And here my pretties are..

Fleece Artist Basic Merino Sock Yarn

Fleece Artist Fruit Punch

Fleece Artist Tiger (This one was purchased especially for my coworker who made me the awesome crochet blanket. I hope to make her some awesome socks!)

Fleece Artist Origin

Fleece Artist Mermaid


Friday's Post

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No actual knitting progress. I think I spend too much time reading about knitting than actual knitting itself. Anywho, just to have some kind of picture content, here are some images of more stash accumulation that I’ve yet to post since I feel like such a hoarder. Plus I’m slowly creeping towards the po’ house as I invest into the sock stash stock.

Lorna's Laces

Left to Right: Purple Club, Red Rover, Uptown, Camouflage.  You’ve already seen a few of these in action such as the Camo.

Claudia hand painted yarns - Red Wagon

Claudia Hand Painted Yarns: Red Wagon.

This colorway is really pretty. I like the little bits of green just popping out in the sea of reds and pinks.


Lotions, Balms, and Creams oh my!

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I was knitting the other day and had rubbed on some new balm I picked up at my LYS and my mom said, “What in the world is that smell?” So pretty much from the look on her face, yeah, the balm is stinky. LOL I really am okay with the smell since I’m use to balms and creams made from all natural ingredients. The funny thing to the incident is that I had used the same stuff at work and a coworker walked into the break room and said, “why does it smell like Raid in here?” I just about laughed so hard since it was me. Anywho, I got to thinking, I have tons of hand stuff maybe I should post little tid bits about them just in case someone out there was interested. And I will definitely let ya’ll in on which hand balm caused all this…

Well…here’s what I could find lying around:

lotions and balms

I don’t think its too much? Do you? I do have a thing about my hands being dry. I can’t stand it! Especially since I work in the hospital and I wash my hands just about a million times a day. So I need tons and tons of lotions. And since my love affair with knitting, well, that enabled me to buy more creams. Wool dries my hands out even more especially when I am in love with a certain pattern and have to knit it all up asap.

(I’m always on the look out to try new stuff, so if you use something awesome, cue me in on it. puhhleeasssee!)

I’m gonna try something new, seeing as how this is gonna be a long post, I thought I’d give you the chance to decide if you want to read more about the items . So if you’re interested than… Read the rest of this entry »


Playing around

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I’ve just been playing around with the site. I was kinda bored and wanted a little change, but gosh, one thing lead to another and then another. I kept adding little small things to the page. Nothing too flashy, just little tweeks to the code. But the whole reason of all this is that I just want to apologize for all the pings or what not for all ya’ll out there using bloglines. I think it pings the site or what not saying I have a dozen new posts when in actuality I’m just fixing little glitches. So “my bad”. I hope everyone is having a good Monday.


Yarn Pirate PrØn Wednesday

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Some lovely Yarn Pirate purchased from The Loopy Ewe a few weeks back.

Yarn Pirate - Kona Kona

Yarn Pirate - Primrose Primrose

Yarn Pirate - Karma Karma

(my current YP fave currently residing in the stash)

Hope everyone is having a good hump day!


Lorna's Laces Stretchiness

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Okay, for those of ya’ll who’ve worked with Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, please provide some insight. After conversing with Janet about my LL Camo socks, I think I have some math issues. These socks are going to a male coworker of mine. I measured his foot circumferene and it was about 10 inches. I knit 9sts/inch on Us1 (2.25mm). I factored in 10% negative ease giving me 9 inches. Then multiply 9 x 9 = 81. This says I should cast on 80. But the socks look huge. LL is really stretchy compared to other yarns I’ve used, and I mean crazy stretchy. Janet suggested that I stretch the fabric and measure my stitch count. Well, this is a great idea! My stretched out measurement gave me 7sts/inch. So I would then multiply 7 x 10 = 70. Casting on 72sts would work out to be a better fit. Does this sound right? What are your thoughts?


Some projects here and there.

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I’ve actually been knitting a bit on and off, especially when I can squeeze it in. 🙂 I’m really excited about knitting up a few more baby hats for Sheri’s Quarterly Challenge. For some reason I was putting it off. But gosh, once I finished the baby hat, I thought, wow that was a fast knit. Plus is so small and I just love it. I think the yarn I’m using is Bernat Baby, it’s so soft.

Baby Hat Baby Hat comparison

I couldn’t get over how small the hat is. I had to take pics of it next to a coke because when I see pics on-line I can really never visualize the actual size.

Onward to some sock knitting…

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock - Camouflage Turning these babies into this… LLCamo

Lorna’s Laces Camouflage into some nice socks for another pal at work. I’m trying to work them both at the same time. I only have a set of each DPN so one is being knit up on my 7″ ones and the other on my 5″ needles. Yes, I placed an order for more needles so I don’t have to be ghetto-fab like this again. I think I’m just gonna buy tons when there is a sale. I really like the Clover Takumi 5″ length. I want more! 🙂 Oh and these socks are huge. I cast on 80 stitches on US1 (2.25mm) and gosh, I don’t know if my gage is off or what not. I’m slightly afraid that these won’t fit and may turn out too big. I’ll just have to see.

And finally, I have jumped on the Monkey bandwagon. Yup! I’m a follower.

These look pretty neat-o. I’m using Trekking 100 and knitting them up on US0, since my ones are currently occupied 😦

Monkey Monkey

The pattern isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I guess I was just afraid to try something more complex than vanilla socks. Thanks to all the awesome pics out there I really had to try these out. I kinda stuck to a basic K2P2 cuff without realizing it because I just did my cast on as usual. Then I thought I’d be snazzy and try the Partridge Heel. You really can’t see it, but it was fun to try something different. Overall, fun stuff!


And the Matches Are…

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1. Claudia Hand Painted Yarns 1

2. Yarn Pirate 2

3. Yarn Pirate 3

4. Lorna’s Laces 4

5. Koigu 5

6. Lorna’s Laces 6

7. Fleece Artist 7

8. Cherry Tree Hill 8

9. Fleece Artist 9

10. Sock That Rock 10

Everyone’s answers are up and the correct ones are in bold. 🙂

I want to thank ya’ll for playing and I hope it was fun:) Next time around I’ll stick to something simpler so more people will join in on the fun. Quite a few of ya’ll really know your stuff!

Becky, kelp!, and Rachel M all got 6 out of 10 correctly. But alas, my reigning champ Trish, correctly matched 7out of 10. So my dear Trish, you are the winner!! Let me know which you would like.