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At first I really wasn’t too interested in seeing Transformers but dear BF wanted to treat me to dinner and a movie, so heck, why not. All I can say is that, ya’ll should definitely check it out, especially if you have children. The movie turned out to be a lot better than I expected. Great action scenes and hottie Josh Duhamel for eye candy appeal. hehe . I almost teared up a bit because they did such a good job with the Transformers’ performance; so much emotion through a robotic exterior.

My rating:   and out of 5

If you’ve seen the movie, tell me what you think.  



  1. Top Hat said,

    We’ll be seeing Transformers on Saturday! My husband is a big fan. I’m glad to hear it’s good!

  2. Janet said,

    I waited months for this movie and was totally NOT disappointed. I loved it! It was a great 4th of July movie and I was prepared for it to not impress me much, but it did. So many parts could have been cheesy, but they weren’t — very well done with just enough humor to keep things light and lively and nicely balanced with the action sequences. I had three hotties with me (hubby and two sons) so I didn’t check out Josh Duhamel too much. (I’m a huge Shia LaBeouf fan anyway)

  3. Trish said,

    I haven’t seen it yet. Unfortunately I probably won’t see it until it’s on DVD. Hubby and my sis are going to go see it here in the next few days though. The both want to see it really bad so I’ll let them go and they can tell me all about it. 🙂

  4. Zuleika said,

    Oh I can’t wait to see it!!! I’ve seen so many blogs giving it a 4 or 5 rating today!

  5. Top Hat said,

    I did see it. First, by criticism: there were too many characters. I didn’t mind that I forgot half of the robots’ names, but the human characters… it felt like they were just adding characters for fun. They didn’t need two sets of young actors (car people and computer people) and adding the Sector 7 man halfway in after you felt comfortable about knowing all the characters… not a fan. Just too many people. Second, the story in the middle was weird. And I never got to the point where the government realized that there were 2 factions of robots and not just 1 evil faction. Anyway, besides all that, it was great. Lots of action and humor…

    Are you the tooth fairy?

  6. Tina M. said,

    I laughed at my husband all year long that he wanted to see the movie. I thought it couldn’t POSSIBLY be a good summer action movie, and my standards are naturally lowered seasonally. Eventually I decided I’d go see it so I could mock him more fully.

    I was wrong.

    I laughed, out loud, over and over again. I squealed with joy, clapping in excitement when certain characters showed up. I almost cried (and I’m not a crier) when mortal peril threatened Bumblebee.

    I’d PAY to see it again in the theaters. That, in our house, is the highest compliment you can give a movie.

    For a summer action movie based on a cartoon, I found it FAR better than DareDevil or even the Fantastic Four, the closest things to contemporaries. I heartily enjoyed it. Sure it wasn’t high cinema like The Road Home or The Red Violin, but it was a rocking good time.

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