July Contest

Posted in Contests at 5:51 pm by Jennie

Okay, here’s my lil’ contest for this month. Since it’s also my birthday, I want to treat the winner to some nice sock yarn. Here’s what you’ll get to pick from…and there’s a mystery choice. You can choose any of these yarns you see or be surprised and pick the mystery choice which will be revealed in the end, but only after the winner has chosen. 🙂

Contest: I just recently placed an order for more sock yarn. If you can guess the name of the yarn than you win, and if you can guess how many skeins of that yarn you will win the mystery choice too. Simple, right? And just to help out, the yarn is from a famous Indie dyer. I’ll post pics when the the yarn comes in. Let’s have the contest end Sunday night 11:59pm Central Time. If no one gets it right, than everyone’s name will be thrown into the random generator.

Here are your choices…


Claudia Hand Painted Yarns - CarouselClaudia Hand Painted Yarns: Carousel

Interlacements Tiny Toes Interlacements Tiny Toes: Canyon Lands

Cherry Tree Hill Cherry Tree Hill: Indian Summer
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket And Finally The Mystery Skein



  1. Janet said,

    First of all, Happy Birthday!

    I will guess . . . Wollmeise. I assume it’s famous — if it’s not, it should be! 8 skeins?

  2. Sharon said,

    Happy early birthday!!

    Hmm, I’m so not good at guessing games. I’m going to say Cherry Blossom Fibers, and…4 skeins. ?

    Really, I just want yarn. 😉

  3. Shannon said,

    There are so many to choose from. If it is Wollmeise, I think you’ll love the yarn. The colors are great.

    I’m going to guess Socks That Rock and 6 skeins.

  4. Trish said,

    lol….good one. Yarntini – 4 skeins. 🙂

  5. Valerie said,

    Happy Birthday too! And my guess is also Yarntini, 5 skeins.

  6. Amy said,

    Okay, I’m going to guess Hello Yarn, 4 skeins.

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Jen said,

    Hey! Happy Birthday!!!

    My guess is Sundara. 4 skeins.

  8. Elemmaciltur said,

    Hehehe…I’d say Wollmeise…and let’s be extravagant and go for 10 skeins! :-p

  9. Elemmaciltur said,

    ….and a Happy Birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday! I’m going to guess Wollmeise as well and 7 skeins. Pick me pick me! And PLEASE ban Trish! 😉

  11. trek said,

    I’m going to guess Lorna’s Laces and that your total was 6 skeins. Happy Birthday!

  12. Sara said,

    i’m going with wollmeise as well. and i’m going to be conservative and say 2 skeins.

  13. zehava said,


    i’m guessing Scout’s Swag. 6 skeins.

  14. Heather said,

    What day is your birthday…mine is the 25th. Don’t you love being a July Baby? I hope that you enjoy your special day and may it be filled with love and all things knitty!
    I would have to guess that you bought 6 skeins of Zen String…I love that shot of the Claudia Handpainted in Carousel colorway. That is the one that I would want if I won.

  15. Rachel said,

    Hmm, I will guess yarntini, since she just had a shop update, and ummmm 4 skeins. Happy birthday!!!

  16. Cauchy09 said,

    Happy Birthday! I hope it’s a great one!

    I’ll guess Hello Yarn, 3 skeins.

  17. Jenny Raye said,

    My birthday is in less than a month, and my plan is to indulge (possibly) in some Wollemise. But I see a lot of folks have guessed that already, also I see a lot of guesses for yarntini because there was just an update, so I think I’ll go with some I haven’t seen mentioned. Let me go with my current favorite……Vesper. 5 skeins. If you did go this route, you won’t be sorry!

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  18. Nicole said,

    I’m going to guess Yarntini, and only 3 skeins.

  19. kc said,

    This is a hard one, there are many to choose from!

    I will guess, maybe something yummy from the Misses Violet and Lime’s shop, dyed by Miss V herself? How about… 4 skeins. 🙂

    Happy birthday to you!

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