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Posted in Knitting, Socks at 8:23 pm by Jennie

I’ve been busy knitting up socks for my Knitty Sock Swap Pal and it’s been interesting. Moving a few steps back from doing a Cookie A. design to just a simple Sensation Knitted Socks pattern. Plus I get to use my nifty new Crystal Palace DPNs and I really like them. They are much more pointier than my Clovers and a lot smoother. I think I may need more Oh and I am working with Cherry Tree Hill and gosh, I feel like I’ve been missing out. The yarn is really nice to work with. It’s super squishy and there is a great stretch to it. Which kinda makes me worry since I cast on 72 stitches and think the socks may be too big. These will eventually be made to fit a women’s US size 10 shoe. On a exciting note, I’m finally working my way through my “fancy” stash and it’s fantastic.

Socks for Knitty Swap Pal1 Socks for Knitty Swap Pal

Weird how the colors look different in each pic. The colorway is Wild Cherry, yummy! 🙂

I finally had it with some of my projects that were just hanging around in limbo and just said the heck with it and finished one. My cabled earflap hat that I started in November 2006. Yeah, no earflaps, just being lazy. The hat fits fantastic and I used Misti Alpaca Chunky. It’s super soft and I love touching it but dang, I had trouble with all the fiber coming off of it as I knit it up.

Top Cabled Hat

I really like the top.
Pattern: 18 Seconds to Sunrise Hat


  1. Trish said,

    Actually 72 sts sounds about right if you are getting a gauge of about 9 sts per inch. I love the CTH supersock but they are changing over from 100% merino to the CTH Sockittome which has nylon in it. From what I understand the Supersock is being discontinued. I just ordered a skein of the Sockittome so we’ll see how much I like it compared to the supersock. I love the color. 🙂

  2. Jen said,

    Wow, you’ve almost got another pair. I like how you’re knitting them at the same time. And congrats on the hat. I’ve been working on WIPs this week too. I don’t even have a lot of them, so I Have no excuse.

  3. Elemmaciltur said,

    Wow, those socks are looking great!

    I just want to tell you that I’ve received your package yesterday. Thank you so much!!! It’ll be a while though before I get around to blog about it.

  4. Shannon said,

    Love the color of the CTH – which pattern from SKS is that? It looks very nice. And very cute blockers! Did you make those? I was thinking that it would be fun to have a blank set that I could decorate myself.

    I love that hat!

  5. Rasa said,

    Nice knitting with nice yarn!

  6. Jennie said,

    Trish: Hmm I may need to get some of the Sockittome. I’m a little sad about them discontinuing the Supersock. 😦

    Jen: Thanks! Doing them both at the same time gives me more motive to be done since I’ve prevented SSS. :d

    Elemmaciltur: Glad to hear the wool got to you safely! 8-|

    Shannon:Its SKS’ elongated corded rib pattern from the 4 stitch pattern set. No about the blockers, I actually got them from Becky at http://www.leggycreations.com But I’ve been wanting more blockers just because I’m a crazy collector of things. 🙂 hehe

    Rasa: Thanks!

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