Fugly Socks

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I had to see how my Kood Aid dyed sock yarn would turn out. And well… pretty darn fugly. LOL But they are mine so I’ll still love them. The only problem I have is that I was a bit off on my guage and they turned out a bit loose. That’s what I get for not properly swatching once again. 😦 I hope they’ll shrink a bit in the wash. We’ll see.

Alternating 2x2 Rib Close-up SKS Alternating 2x2 Rib
Pattern: Alternating 2×2 Rib From Sensational Knitted Socks
Yarn: Knit Picks Bare
Colorway: Kool Aid Dyed
Start: 8/24/07
Finished: 8/28/07
Needle: 32” Knit Picks circs US2 (2.75mm)
CO: 56sts
Heel Flap: Eye of Partridge
Total Foot Length: ~8inches

I bet ya’ll are tired of me doing all these patterns form SKS, but gosh, they are super easy and quick. No worries, the next pattern isn’t from SKS. I’m about to start knitting up the Vintage Apron. And on that note, I’ll leave you with Dream in Color…

Ruby River Dream in Color - Ruby River
Yarn: Dream in Color: Smooshy Sock Yarn
Colorway: Ruby River
Info: 100% Australian merino superwash wool
Size: 450yds/4oz



Fraternal Footies, Kool Aid Dying, and socks to be…

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The Footies are done . What do ya think? Crazy how a continuous hank/skein can produce such different results. I had posed a question or should I say made a remark on my Flickr photo about the debate I read somewhere about how dyers should dye up 100g skeins instead of having us get two 50g skeins since those would create somewhat different looking socks. Well as you can see and 100g skein can do the same thing too. Plus with two 50g skeins, I can wind them up and knit two socks at once instead of having to split up my big one.

Fraternal Footies
Pattern: Plain Stockinette with a K1P1 mini cuff
Yarn: Fleece Artist Nova Sock
Colorway: Tiger
Start: 8/10/07
Finished: 8/22/07
Needle: Addi Turbo 32” Circ (2.5mm)
CO: 64sts
Heel Flap: Eye of Partridge
Total Foot Length: 10 inches, made to fit a US women’s 10 shoe

I’ve been having fun playing around with sock yarn and Kool Aid. I keep seeing such amazing creations out there and keep hearing about how fun it is. And it’s all true. This was really fun. I know my first dye job really isn’t that great, but I feel quite accomplished so I’m gonna share, lol.

I used the microwave method and just poured the colors on top of the yarn and soaked up all the excess water and what nots. There are a lot of tutorials out there. I used THIS ONE. Just three colors, black cherry, blue raspberry, and lemonade. The base yarn is Knit Picks Bare (75% superwash wool, 25% nylon). And here it is all wound up and ready to go…

Ready to Go

Another yarn all wound up and ready to knit is the Madeline Tosh Vintage Apron. I just need to pick out a pattern and just go at it.

Vintage Apron

I also picked up two balls of sock yarn from Knit Picks. They had an Essential Special because these did not turn out as they had wanted. The company is test dying their Essentials line and considered these not as bright or deep enough. I kinda like them. Head on over and get yourself some.

Knit Picks Essential

That’s my novel for now, I hope to get back to ya’ll with some nifty new socks for show and tell.


YP Booty, Interlacements, and a Footie

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The second Yarn Pirate Booty Club is here! I don’t think this would be a colorway I would normally pick out but that’s the point of the club. The colorway is called Calamity, isn’t it a cute name? It’s Superwash Bluefaced Lleicester (BFL), another texture I’ve yet to work with so who knows, I may knit this one up sooner.

YP Booty Club - August Yarn Pirate - Calamity

The pics I took sort of bleached out the colors, it actually has gorgeous purple and teal segments.

Ahhh my first fancy yarn to work with; Interlacements. Knitting this stuff up was just a fantastic feeling. So after hearing about the sale at simplysockyarn.com, I had to get me some more.

A pile o’ yumminess…

A Pile of Interlacements

English Garden English Garden (410)

Mardi Gras Mardi Gras (408)

Poppy Fields Poppy Fields (216)

Last but not least, I’ve made some progress on the footies. One down, and I’m working on it’s mate. These socks are looking quite different. I should have it’s fraternal twin done in a few days.

One Footie Down


It's been awhile.

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Wow, I can’t believe I’ve be absent for so long. I kept thinking it’s only been a few days but wow, over a week. I guess I’ve been caught up in reading everyone’s blog entries and drooling over some amazing finished knits. I’ve been good too and knitting up a few more items.

I did start the footies for my coworker in the FA Tiger, but half way through the socks, I realized that they are gonna be too big. Let’s just say, I’ve learned my lesson and now when I try new yarns, swatching is a must. The FA nova socks are a bit thicker, instead of my usual 9spi, it was 8spi and well, yeah, I decided to start over and just knit some new ones. You can see how far I was able to go. I just cut the yarn and decided not to frog, just in case the 8spi socks are too small. Oh and alternating between the two balls really sucks. So, for the second go around, I’m just gonna stick with them being different because it is just a PITA (pain in the @ss) to deal with weaving in so many ends.

On a happy note, I tried a new technique. My first attempt with magic loop. I had received great advice from Trish who said to try out the method on thicker yarn. I purchased Fiesta Boomerang from TLE without realizing that it was worsted weight. The colors are really awesome and this is some nice soft yarn with a great twist.

Magic loop is such a great technique. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Especially now since I understand the construction of a sock, I was able to figure out how to move the stitches on the cable. I think I may be a ML convert.

Another first with using Knit Picks circs, and yep, they are just amazing. I love how pointy the tips are and the flexibility of the cable. The purple color is quite nice too.

Overall, an enjoyable experience, I’ve never finished socks so fast. LOL thick yarn = quick socks. Hehe. Too bad I wont be able to wear them until the weather gets colder since they are really thick and super warm.

Crossover Rib Socks Crossover Rib close up
Pattern: Crossover Rib from Sensational Knitted Socks
Yarn: Fiesta Boomerang
Colorway: Salsa
Purchased from: The Loopy Ewe
Start: 8/13/07
Finished: 8/18/07
Needle: 3.0mm Knit Picks 32” circs
Technique: Magic Loop
CO: 40 sts
Heel Flap: Eye of Partridge
Total Foot Length: ~8 inches made to fit a US women’s 5.5 shoe


Remember The Camo?

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Well, it’s finally freaking done! These socks have been hanging around in my bag for the longest time. I carried them everywhere with me in hopes of having a few moments here and there to work on them, but dang, it’s been forever. They started out like this:


Remember this pic many moons ago when I started them on 5/29/07, yeah, me either. I had originally casted on 80sts but with your awesome guidance and advice, I decided to start over and cast on 72sts. They were just an on the go project for the longest time but I never really made any progress. Anywho, I decided that these needed to be done since they are gonna be a gift to my super awesome coworker. And here they are…

Lorna's Laces Camouflage
Start: 5/29/07
Frogged Restarted: 6/9/07
Finished: 8/9/07
Originally CO: 80sts, then re-CO to 72 Sts
Made to fit a US men’s size 8 ( total foot length about 10 inches)
Needles: Clover DPNs US 1 (2.25mm)
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock–> Camouflage

Oh more knitting news, I decided to wind my Fleece Artist Tiger into 2 balls so I could knit the socks at the same time and look how they turned out…
Fleece Arist - Tiger

They look similar yet quite different. I’m glad I did this since I would have been slight dissapointed if they socks looked super different from each other. Now I can alternate the balls and hopefully will have similar looking socks. Oh a happy note, this stuff is pretty awesome to work with. At first I didn’t like it because it’s a bit thicker than what I’m use to and I kept splitting the yarn. But after a few rows, things started to click and it’s knitting up quite nicely.


Knitty Swap socks done and another yarn to fondle.

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I’m happy to report that socks for my Knitty Swap pal are done. Kris if you’re reading this, hehe, here’s a peek at your socks. I’m putting a nifty package together for you too so there will be surprises.

Knitty Sock Swap Socks1

Pattern: from Sensational Knitted Socks–>Elongated Corded Rib
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock–> Wild Cherry
Needles: Crystal Palace DPNs US 1 (2.25mm)
CO: 72sts
: 7/23/07
Finish: 8/5/07

And here is the Fleece Artist Nova Socks in the Tiger colorway that I picked out for my coworker. These are gonna be plain and simple. I want to do a bit of mindless knitting and I get to try out another yarn. Yippee! I’ve had Fleece Artist hanging out in the stash for a bit and it’s high time I get to knittin’ some of them up.

Fleece Artist


My Secret Sockapalooza4 Pal Rocks!

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I received my package from my pal yesterday and it was just stuffed with goodies. It was so funny because when I saw the socks, I was thinking, gosh these look so familiar but couldn’t place where I saw them. Well after reading the card, it all clicked. My secret pal is Becky of Westerly Whimsies. You are so sneaky. This whole time we’ve been chatting and you’re my secret pal.

Sockapalooza4 socks for me

The socks are made from Knit Picks Memories: Hawaii colorway. This is sooo something I would pick out for myself. I love the greens. 🙂

Now look at all the fantastic goodies:

Sockapalooza 4 Package

I love the tote. It’s very true. There is soooo much yarn out there and just so little time. I’ve never worked with Sugar’ n Cream before so I may get to try out knitting up so of those cute washcloths I keep seeing. There’s a cute candle, awesome foot scrub, great notepad, and super cute point protectors. This is just too awesome. I love it! Thank you sooo much Becky. You are amazing!