Remember The Camo?

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Well, it’s finally freaking done! These socks have been hanging around in my bag for the longest time. I carried them everywhere with me in hopes of having a few moments here and there to work on them, but dang, it’s been forever. They started out like this:


Remember this pic many moons ago when I started them on 5/29/07, yeah, me either. I had originally casted on 80sts but with your awesome guidance and advice, I decided to start over and cast on 72sts. They were just an on the go project for the longest time but I never really made any progress. Anywho, I decided that these needed to be done since they are gonna be a gift to my super awesome coworker. And here they are…

Lorna's Laces Camouflage
Start: 5/29/07
Frogged Restarted: 6/9/07
Finished: 8/9/07
Originally CO: 80sts, then re-CO to 72 Sts
Made to fit a US men’s size 8 ( total foot length about 10 inches)
Needles: Clover DPNs US 1 (2.25mm)
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock–> Camouflage

Oh more knitting news, I decided to wind my Fleece Artist Tiger into 2 balls so I could knit the socks at the same time and look how they turned out…
Fleece Arist - Tiger

They look similar yet quite different. I’m glad I did this since I would have been slight dissapointed if they socks looked super different from each other. Now I can alternate the balls and hopefully will have similar looking socks. Oh a happy note, this stuff is pretty awesome to work with. At first I didn’t like it because it’s a bit thicker than what I’m use to and I kept splitting the yarn. But after a few rows, things started to click and it’s knitting up quite nicely.



  1. Rasa said,

    Congrats on the completion of the socks – it sort of feels like a chain has been flung from around your neck when you get a pair that’s been sitting there for a while done!!!
    I’m glad to hear you like to work with Fleece Artist…I’ve been thinking about indulging in some. Littleknits.com is “closing out” their stock of fleece artist – what’s left is 20% off.

  2. Trish said,

    I forgot all about the camo socks till I seen the pic. Congrats on finishing them.
    Gotta love the uniqueness of handpainted yarns. They look so different.

  3. Shannon said,

    The camo socks came out nice. I’m surprised how different those balls of tiger yarn came out! I’m looking forward to seeing the socks.

  4. Nice socks. I like that color. It can be hard to find nice, interesting yarn that is appropriate for men’s socks.

  5. Elemmaciltur said,

    LOVE the camo socks!

    Good that you separated the Tiger Yarn…they’re so different! It’d be interesting to see how they knit up!

  6. Erica said,

    That Tiger yarn is beautiful. Such a shame about the difference in the two balls.

  7. Jenny said,

    The Fleece Artist looks so pretty and so do your socks. They came out beautifully.

  8. Jen said,

    The camos look great! Good to know about the fleece artist too – can’t wait to see them knitted up.

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