Fugly Socks

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I had to see how my Kood Aid dyed sock yarn would turn out. And well… pretty darn fugly. LOL But they are mine so I’ll still love them. The only problem I have is that I was a bit off on my guage and they turned out a bit loose. That’s what I get for not properly swatching once again. 😦 I hope they’ll shrink a bit in the wash. We’ll see.

Alternating 2x2 Rib Close-up SKS Alternating 2x2 Rib
Pattern: Alternating 2×2 Rib From Sensational Knitted Socks
Yarn: Knit Picks Bare
Colorway: Kool Aid Dyed
Start: 8/24/07
Finished: 8/28/07
Needle: 32” Knit Picks circs US2 (2.75mm)
CO: 56sts
Heel Flap: Eye of Partridge
Total Foot Length: ~8inches

I bet ya’ll are tired of me doing all these patterns form SKS, but gosh, they are super easy and quick. No worries, the next pattern isn’t from SKS. I’m about to start knitting up the Vintage Apron. And on that note, I’ll leave you with Dream in Color…

Ruby River Dream in Color - Ruby River
Yarn: Dream in Color: Smooshy Sock Yarn
Colorway: Ruby River
Info: 100% Australian merino superwash wool
Size: 450yds/4oz


  1. Jen said,

    Hooray for trying dying even if it didn’t quite turn out how you thought. I love the colors.

  2. Elemmaciltur said,

    It’s you first hand-dyed, you’re supposed to love them. 😉

  3. Shannon said,

    I think they are wonderful! (and unique!)

  4. elise said,

    heya, tried your link to the Eye of Partridge heel and it gave me an error…

    that dream in color yarn is soooo lovely.

  5. Top Hat said,

    I will admit, they are quite fugly! They still look like fun, though!

  6. Trish said,

    They are your one-of-a kind socks! No one else has socks like them so they are unique. 🙂
    I like SKS! Can’t wait to see what the Smooshy will become.

  7. mel said,

    Just stopping by to say “Hi!”

    YOU are a *sock knitter* 🙂 I like, very much! For your first dye job, I’d say they’re pretty great, look at how terrific the colors look on the heels!

  8. becky said,

    They would make excellent dragon puppets

  9. Rasa said,

    Congratulations on trying your hand at dying. I thought about it, but never acted on it. I thought the ball of yarn was really pretty…but we can see the “pooling” issue rear its ugly head!

  10. keri said,

    Sigh – that dream in color yarn is yummy!

  11. […] used the Bare Essential to dye my own socks, remember my Fugly socks? lol. This yarn is really warm and washes up even softer. My kool aid dyed socks have been in and […]

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