Going Vintage…

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Madelinetosh Vintage Apron sock yarn, hmm… This yarn was quite interesting to work with. I had tried a few patterns with it, I think I ended up ripping it atleast 4 times and this stuff held up quite well. But it eventually settled on Cookie A’s BFF socks (I normally would like but the site doesn’t seem to be working). My gauge was so off with this yarn. It’s fluffy but when you start knitting with it the yarn would thin out quite a bit, but once knit, it fluffed back up, lol, if that makes any sense. Maybe that’s why it ended up being a nice stretchy fabric. Kinda reminded me of the weird stretchiness of Lorna’s Laces. Once done and on the feet, oh my, it’s soooo nice and toasty. Me likie. 🙂

BFF Socks BFF Socks

Pattern: Cookie A.’s BFF socks
Yarn: Madelinetosh
Colorway: Vintage Apron
Start: 8/29/07
Finished: 9/5/07
Needle: 32” Knit Picks circ
CO: 56sts
Heel Flap: Eye of Partridge
Total Foot Length: ~8 inches

There was a lot of yarn left. Probably enough for me to make a pair of footies. heheh



  1. trek said,

    Very pretty!

  2. Sharon said,

    Very nice! The colors in that yarn are so pretty together…I think you chose a fabulous pattern to show off the colors, too. No pooling – glee!

  3. Jen said,

    Oooh I really love those colors, and the pattern worked great with it. Are those real cables or like the baby cables from SKS? Seeing these gave me an idea for the cuff of my sMIL socks. 🙂

  4. Elemmaciltur said,

    Nice!!! And great colours, too!

  5. Rasa said,

    Boy, those really knit up nice!!

  6. Janet said,

    Although I haven’t tried any yet, she now uses a different base yarn. The skein of Mad-Tosh that I have is like yours – the squishy one – and very sproingy (which I love, but had to adjust to initially). I’ve swatched in the round with it and think it’s perfect for ribbing, cables and knit/purl combos but haven’t swatched a lace pattern with it. I love the colorway you got!

  7. Mandy said,

    I love them!!! I am going to find that pattern now!

  8. Jenny Raye said,

    LOVE them! The color, the pattern~~perfect!

  9. Beautiful socks! Love that colorway.

  10. Wen said,

    Oh oh oh! Girl, I love them! Very nice!!! Weee! I’m lovin’ those colors!!!

  11. Alex said,

    Oh, oh, how pretty. Look at the little baby cables! Makes me wish I’d bought that skein in this exact color that was up on Destash recently.

  12. […] tried to knit the pattern at least 4 times. The pattern was originally going to be knit with my MadelineTosh Vintage Apron, but for some odd reason I could not get gauge. I tried it on 2.50mm needles and then 2.00mm […]

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