Yay! For Knee Highs!

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I’m super happy to report that my knee high Conwys are done. Yippee! Like I said before I’ve been wanting a pair of knee highs ever since I learned how to knit socks. Now why is that? I have no idea. I’m just drawn to them. They’re like a big hug for your legs. LOL. But a las, I had to put the thought of owning knee highs off for a bit seeing as how I was quite a new sock knitter then and was too afraid to start for fear of not understanding how to do any calf shaping. Well, with a few socks under my belt and the addition of Knitting on the Road to my multiply at warp speed knitting book collection, I luckily stumbled onto Conwry. The pattern looked simple enough. I knew how to knit, purl, yarn over, and the recent addition of knitting through the back loop. I saw that the pattern had some shaping to it and it just made me think, hmmm, maybe I can try to do some simple modifications and actually get the knee highs I’ve been dreaming about.

As I’m looking at the pattern to talk about the modifications, I’m slightly confused because my socks shouldn’t have turned out okay. Hmmm quite perplexing. And this is why…the pattern called for Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn, I used Dream in Color Smooshy. The DIC smooshy is a bit thicker than LLs. The pattern’s gauge called for 7.5spi, mine was about 8spi, eh not too big of a deal here. But I have chubby calves being the short lil’ gal that I am so how in the world did this make sense? Conwy is not a knee high patter but I just used the pattern as if it was. I cast on exactly as the pattern called for; 72 stitches. I should have cast on about somewhere in the 80-90 stitches since my calves measure about 14 inches, epp. It looks like I may have a gauge problem and just have no idea what in the world I’m doing. I’m just gonna be grateful for the magic of socks and that the sock fairies love me; magically allowing the socks to fit.

Anywho on to the mods. I only had 2 because the pattern is just perfect because we all know Nancy Bush is a genius! For the calf shaping I added 4 more rows before each decrease which is pretty much adding another patter repeat. And I did my usual toe decrease instead of the one called for in the book. I didn’t like the idea of having a hole at the tip of my toe, is it a star toe?

Can I just say that taking pics of yourself is really hard to do. I really wanted to show these socks off in their natural habitat but gosh it was crazy hard especially in Texas heat. The color of the socks taken on the feet is really wrong and isn’t how it looks in real life. I think the best representation of the colorway is the pic of them on the blockers. Enjoy my silliness. And I really am sorry about the non-quality of sharper pics.

Knee High Conwy Knee High Conwy -  Side Knee High Conwy - 1 Back of Conwy Conwy up-close

Pattern: Conwy from Knitting on the Road
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy
Colorway: Ruby River
Size: 4oz/450yards
Start: 9/6/07
Finished: 9/20/07
Needle: 32” Knit Picks circ
CO: 72sts then decreased to 60sts
Total Leg Length: ~14 inches
Total Foot Length: ~8 inches

Here’s what I had left. This is really not the norm since I always have soooooo much left over sock yarn. But I’m happy to report that I use this stuff just about up.

What was left

Have a fantastic Friday and an ever better weekend!



  1. Jenny Raye said,

    Oh! These are sooooo cute!!!!! Love me some knee highs!

  2. terhi said,

    I love knee highs too, and yours are gorgeous! Beautiful colour and pattern combination too. 🙂

  3. Alex said,

    Oh! Fabulous! They’re spurring me on to finish my own knee highs.

    I’m not sure how the numbers for your socks worked out so well, but yay!

  4. Tina M. said,

    Very, very proud of you! Those are some fan-damn-tastic socks!

  5. keri said,

    They are beautiful! Great job!

  6. Sharon said,

    Those socks are fabulous! I’m loving the colors, too. Great job!

  7. Janet said,

    Don’t apologize – the photos are great and the socks are FABULOUS (ooooh, Alex already said that . . . )

    Sometimes you just shouldn’t question the sock fairies.

  8. Sara said,

    your socks look fab. yayyyyy for knee highs!

  9. elizabeth said,

    Gorgeous! And I do think that Nancy Bush’s patterns run on the large size. I have very limited experience to back that up, but in this case, it worked out beautifully for you, didn’t it? I’m thinking of converting the Gentleman’s Fancy Socks into a knee high pattern simply by knitting it longer and doing an extra decrease round as it gets to the ankle. I think it’ll work. We’ll see!

  10. rachel m said,

    jennie, darling, they are FANTASTIC. they look amazing. yay you!!!

  11. Heather said,

    Doesn’t Smooshy have the most fantastic yardage ever? I love it. And hooray for your Conwys! My brother is actually visiting Conwy castle today and called me this morning from there, so your posting is really making me smile!:)

  12. stacey said,

    Wow – these are amazing – I love the yarn and color choice – I need to try some Scmooshy! Excellent job!

  13. Rasa said,

    You are no longer an “amatuer” sock knitter…you have crossed over into the “experienced” sock knitter group! Congratulations – job well done! Those knee highs rock!

  14. Jen said,

    Awesome! They look soooo great! Now I want me some… 😉

  15. sprite said,

    They’re gorgeous! Congratulations.

  16. mel said,

    I think your pics are great! These are great socks, I am so excited for you at how they came out, absolutely perfect fit (and you are cranking them out by the way, you speedy knitter!). I had a gift certificate that I just used to get Nancy Bush’s Folks socks, and I can’t wait.

  17. Zuleika said,

    They are soo cute and came out sooo perfectly! I wish I could knit socks like that! 😦

  18. […] did the same mods for my Conwy knee highs. Instead of decreasing every 8th row, I did it at the 12th row. I followed the patter and did the […]

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