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More stash love for ya on yet another fantastic Monday.

I’ve been a bit behind on posting my goodies from the sock clubs I’ve luckily been able to join. Here’s the first shipment of the Wool Girl Sock Club. I like it! Very pretty shades of blues, greens and purples. It’s a sport weight, so I don’t know what I’m gonna be doing with it. I may knit the pattern, but then again who knows, it’ll probably be in the stash queue for some time, hehe.

Wool Girl Sock Club Miss Babs - Waterfall
The yarn is really squishy.

Next, September’s Yarn Pirate Booty
It’s a Merino/Tencel blend and wow, this stuff is super soft and shiny. I’m really glad I joined this club. The colors may not be what I’d normally go for but this club has exposed me to a lot of different types of yarn blends/bases that are just amazing.

Yarn Pirate - Butternut
Yarn Pirate
Colorway: Butternut
Fingering wt
400yd Merino/Tencel

And last but not least, I do have to knitting to show. Yippee. And just in time for Socktoberfest 2007. I’ve already cast on its mate.

Waving Lace Sock
Pattern: Waving Lace Socks from Favorite Socks
Yarn: Interlacements Tiny Toes
Colorway: Mardi Gras



  1. Jen said,

    Cute! That pattern suits the colors really well. Now if I could only get my mom to mail me my copy of that book already…

  2. Alex said,

    I agree with the no sportweight for socks. That yarn is beautiful, though.

    Lot of people have been selling off that edition of the Yarn Pirate club…interesting colors, just not for everyone, I suppose.

  3. Agatq said,

    really cute sock!

  4. mel said,

    That is some fun sock yarn 🙂 I like the first one especially! Now that I’ve joined the legions of sock knitters, I’m at a loss – I have no sock yarn! I think I’ll be cool for a bit, but then I’m a bit worried.
    Your waving lace sock is great!!

  5. Emma said,

    Gorgeous new yarns. I love the Yarn Pirate one–it’s very fall-ish. Happy Socktoberfest!

  6. Heather said,

    Really like those Waving Lace socks, so lovely!

  7. stacey said,

    Your waving lace sock is terrific. I also really like the Woolgirl installment – pretty!

  8. Trish said,

    Love the Woolgirl yarn. I was bummed when I passed on that one. The sock looks great.

  9. monica said,

    Gasp, I did kow know about Woolgirl until yesterday. I spent a Loooong time on her site though to make up for it. Beautiful socks, and yarn!!

  10. trek said,

    Can you finish two pairs of socks every month? Or are you stockpiling ;o)?

  11. Lone Knitter said,

    Yay! More yarn is always a good thing.

  12. Zuleika said,

    That yarn is gorgeous! I shall not covet, I shall not covet… 😉

  13. Jennifer said,

    The Wool Girl yarn is beautiful! I like your Waving Lace sock too–nice, bright colors!

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