Happy Friday!

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Good morning/afternoon/night everyone! Depending on when you get to this.

It looks like I’ve been tagged by Heather of Punky Purls and must pass on this meme. I’m feeling like a party pooper so I think I’m just going to post the rules and if anyone is interested in offering up some answers–> leave me a comment. There’s a little something in it for ya’ll if you do play along.

For the sake of having a really simple contest, post whatever [*ETA* truth(s) about yourself] that you want and [*then*] tell me what you favorite color(s) is/are [*for the prize*]. I’ll use a random number generator to pick a winner and you’ll get some sock yarn in your fav color. How does that sound? Lets have this end on Tueday night 11:59pm Central time.

Here’s the meme info:

1. Link the one who tagged you
2. Tell 7 truths about yourself, something funny/different
3. Tag 7 people at the end of the blog
4. Leave a message in their blog telling them that they have been tagged

Feel free to pass the meme on to anyone. Have fun!

And since I’m sure you’re all dying to know a few truths about me, I’ll give you a sneak peek into my lil’ world. I’m a huge SciFi fan but not to the point where I can speak Klingon (which would be really cool if I could hehe). I think I’m more a fan of SciFi shows such as Battlestar Gallactica and Dr Who. LOL do I sound nerdy now? Hmm something else…this may sound a bit creepy but I love phlebotomy. I have a knack for drawing blood, heheh not my own or anything along those lines, just one of my duties in the hospital. Hmm I think that’s enough personal info for one day.

Have a fantastic weekend!



  1. Jen said,

    Well you gotta love the job you do day in and day out, especially if it involves bodily fluids. 🙂

    My favorite colors are brown and green… like trees.

  2. Heather said,

    Hey can I play too? Even if I sent you the meme?

    If not that is okay but just in case my favorite colr is BLUE:)

  3. becky said,

    green and green.

  4. Hey, if it makes you happy, then great!

    I love purple and red:)

  5. Heather said,

    Ohh. Let’s see… My favorite color…

    Today it’s going to be red as I’ve been eying some of my own red yarn to work on.

  6. Ühltje said,

    I like a different colour in each season (and since I took up knitting again, twice a week). At the moment it’s bright red.

  7. Trish said,

    lol…truths. Ok, ok, I’m a romance novel junkie! You should see my book shelves. 🙂

    I’ve been eying greens here lately. 🙂

  8. stacey said,

    OMG – I am a total Battlestar Gallactica fan – the one from the 80’s with Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict – they were so hot:) I had an orange t-shirt with a glittery iron-on of the ship, even. I have photo proof.

    My favorite color is purple:)

  9. Nicole said,

    I try to dance for at least half an hour every day – I don’t know how to dance properly, but it’s fun and good exercise. I like origami, my local farmers’ market, and grilled cheese sandwiches with interesting additions (like jam and mustard, fried onions, or barbecue sauce). I have a worry stone that I found at a park nearby, which is useful for situations when I need to do something with my hands and I can’t be knitting.

    I like a lot of different colours and I find it hard to choose a favourite sometimes. Right now I’d have to choose blue.

  10. monica said,

    Favorite colors. Well O love so many colors, depends on the day I quess, but I would have to greens

  11. Christine said,

    My weird thing is that I don’t eat fruit….at all.

    I love purple!

  12. Shannon said,

    Some people def. draw blood better that others. A couple times I’ve been left with huge bruises.

    My fav. color is purple.

  13. Jen said,

    Well, I MUST sleep with the television going, or I can’t sleep at all. ;P

    Seems like lots of people share my fav color, GREEN!! 🙂

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