A Big Thank You to my SP9

Posted in Presents at 9:03 pm by Jennie

The KnittyBoard SP9 comes to an end. This was first Secret Pal swap and things went pretty well. Thank you Cindi of Willis’ Knitting Ramblings for being such a great pal.
She made me some really nifty fingerless mitts. I’ve always wanted some but for some odd reason feel intimidated. Weird, I know.
I adore the lil’ ewe. Her name is Mollie, she’s from the Ewe and Me collection by Toni Goffe. Isn’t the mini sweater key chain super cute too?

Knitty Board SP9 Last package



  1. Trish said,

    The little ewe is so cute! What a great package.

  2. elise said,

    what nice gifts! i know exactly what you mean bout the fingerless mitts.

  3. OMG! That is so cute:)

  4. Shannon said,

    I’ve always wanted to try the mitts too. That sheep is so cute!

  5. Dipsy said,

    My gosh – Mollie’s just the cuetst 😉

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