Finally a pair of socks!

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I can’t believe it took me so long to finish these socks for my Grandma. Being sick really put me behind. But they are done and I’m happy because she’s happy. Yay!!

Now we have matching socks. hehe. Conwy for me and a pair for her.
She didn’t want anything too flashy and preferred dark colors. It wasn’t a super fun knit since it’s so hard to see your stitches in black yarn. But they fit so I’m super happy.

Grandma's Knee High Conwys Conwy

(I did the same mods for my Conwy knee highs. Instead of decreasing every 8th row, I did it at the 12th row. I followed the patter and did the my usual Kitchener toe. Also since my Grandma has thinner calves I casted on 60 sts instead of the pattern’s 72 sts. If I was using Louet Gems to make another pair for myself I’d go with the 72 sts. LOL does this makes any sense?)

Pattern: Conwy from Knitting on the Road
Yarn: Louet Gems Fingering
Colorway: Black
Start: 10/5/07
Finished: 11/5/07
Needle: 32” Knit Picks circ Harmony 2.5mm/US1
CO: 60sts then decreased to 48sts
Total Leg Length: ~14 inches
Total Foot Length: ~9.25 inches
Just used two skeins with some left over.

I’ve also been itching to knit up a few scarves. The Besotted Scarf from helloyarn.com has been calling to me since last year but I was a bit intimidated with it. Now, not so much. I’m really loving the process and cablely goodness.

Besotted Scarf

ETA: The Knit Picks Harmony needles are a good investment. The tips are nice and pointy and I like the crazy colors to them. The price is even better. hehe.



  1. tiennie said,

    Very pretty socks! Besotted is lovely too!

  2. Alex said,

    More fab knee-highs, yay! Besotted looks great too, yet another thing to add to my queue.

    How were the Harmony needles?

  3. Trish said,

    Ouch, black socks….tough on the eyes! But if your grandma loves then it’s worth it. 🙂
    Love the scarf. I’ve been enjoying cablely goodness too.

  4. Elemmaciltur said,

    If my feet weren’t so huge, I would try knitting myself some knee-highs, too.

  5. Shannon said,

    The matching socks came out great! I don’t know if I could have knit two pairs! A big kudos to you.

    The scarf is coming along well. I used to be that way with some projects too – it is good to have that initial feeling of intimidation go away. Although I still have a few projects that I’m hesitant to try.

  6. trek said,

    Nicely done – dark colored socks *are* tough to see in progress.

  7. Heather said,

    That Besotted is on my list, too! Love the Conwys, such a pleasing pattern!

  8. Adrienne said,

    Fun with cables! That scarf looks like it will be so nice and cozy when it’s done.

    Truly a labour of love, those black socks! So glad that your grandma loves them. =)

  9. zehava said,

    wow! they turned out wonderful! and even more so because they’re black 😀

  10. The Conwys are fantastic! 😀 Great job with the dark yarn and all.
    A pair of knee-highs out of just 2 skeins is amazing!

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