Progress on the Firestarters

Posted in Knitting, Random Me, Socks at 6:43 pm by Jennie

As promised, an update on my Firestarters. Well, for sure one is going into the frog pond. I thought I’d made a good judgement call to omit one repeat of the cable pattern in the foot to compensate for my shorter feet but it still ended up a bit on the long side. I like my socks to fit snuggly. heheh snuggly. I also made a booboo on the second sock but I had made some more mods to the length and it now fits pretty darn good. Sadly I forgot to pay attention to the heel flap pattern because I was too busy watching tv and going with the flow of my knitting. Anywho here are some pics, I’ll let ya’ll decide.

Firestarter heel
First sock, I followed the pattern exactly except for omitting one cable repeat. It’s too loose a fit for me to be happy with…off to the frog pond.

Firestarter Mods
Second sock, great fit, notice the heel? heheh. I kinda like it so I think I’m just going to stick with a basic stockinette leg/cuff and just continue the cabling on the sides. What do ya’ll think?

firestarter comparison
And here are the two hanging out together before the first one gets a makeover.

Oh, and just a side note, sorry about the photo quality, I still haven’t had a chance to get my camera back from my brother. But I did get to play with my new camera phone, and for a camera phone, the photo quality isn’t too bad. Me likie my new phone a lot. I’m so slow with phones. I’ve never had one with a camera, hehe.



  1. Heather said,

    Yo I agree that the tighter one is the way to go, love that yarn with the pattern!!

  2. Carolynn said,

    I know what you mean about them being too loose. I’m nervous about that as well (but I haven’t turned the heel yet, so I’m still not sure how they’ll work for me). If you’re happy with the heel, then definitely leave it! 😀

  3. Zuleika said,

    I love that yarn! I definitely like the second sock better. Too bad you have to pull out all that work!

  4. Elemmaciltur said,

    Very nice work!

  5. elizabeth said,

    I think the heel is just fine. You’re making really good progress on these!

  6. Trish said,

    I’m with everyone else. The second one looks a lot better. 🙂 I like the heel on the second sock better.

    Looks like your new camera phone takes pretty good pics. Mine takes nice pics and has a flash but the rest of the phone stinks. Sending text messages drives me crazy with my phone. 🙂

  7. Shannon said,

    The heel is good and I agree that the second one looks the best! Way to go. I love this pattern.

  8. Yep, there’s nothing worse than a baggy sock. Well, okay, there are things much worse than that, but I like snug-fitting socks too.

    I love how the pattern is knitting up in that glorious yarn, and must confess to preferring the heel flap on sock #1. But I guess you’re not knitting them for me. Pity! 😉

  9. Monica said,

    I love that yarn. It is a great color combination for that sock. I have yet to knit that one.

    Thanks so much for stopping by by blog!!

  10. Pheelya said,

    What cute socks!!

  11. Dipsy said,

    Yep, I also agree, the tighter one seems to be perfect! Awww, that yarn looks awesome with this pattern, and the colors are so gorgeous!

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