Sock Clubs curb my spending.

Posted in Sock Club at 1:40 pm by Jennie

Ever since I joined a few sock clubs I’ve noticed that I spend a bit less on sock yarn purchases. I suppose it’s the fact that I know I will be getting a surprise sock yarn every month makes me rationalize not needing to buy more. lol. Though with the holidays around, I’ve seen quite a few fantastic sales that I just could not pass up; you’ll probably be seeing a bit more stash enhancement. hehe

Here are my latest beauties:

Yarn Pirate - Solstice Solstice

Spunky Eclectic - Irish Dreams Irish Dreams by Spunky Eclectic

Look at all the fantastic goodies, a cute magnet card, some yummy lavender soap, a double headed stitch marker, and some interesting Irish tea. I’m really glad I joined the WoolGirl Sock club.

Happy Wednesday! Oh and in case anyone is wondering, I have been working on my Firstarters, but I’ve been tweaking them a bit so you’ll have to wait and see when I finish them up.



  1. Becky said,

    I love that Irish Dreams colorway – it’s beautiful. I didn’t renew for STR Club 08 since I wasn’t that thrilled about the colors and/or patterns (mostly the patterns, you can always use the yarn for something). I think I’m going to actually try using my own stash for a while.

  2. stacey said,

    Sock clubs will be the death of me – or my checkbook at least:) I have had fun getting surprises, but I had better take a break to knit some of them up!! Can’t wait to see the Firestarters!

  3. elizabeth said,

    It’s nice to know something can curb the spending, although I’m not sure it would work for me! I just got some good deals from destash on Ravelry – hooray!

  4. Elemmaciltur said,

    Purdy sock yarns!

  5. Heather said,

    Yes, I’ve really enjoyed the instant mail aspect of the sock clubs!

  6. mel said,

    Oh, I love that purpley-blue – yum. Can’t wait to see what it will be! 🙂

    And your firestarters – I love that pattern & am excited to see your “tweaks”!

  7. Shannon said,

    I’ve enjoyed the sock club I’m in too. I like that surprise feeling – but I’m not signing up for 2008. I’m going to make an effort to finally knit some of the yarn I got from two years of being in the club.

    I love your two new skeins – I bet your sock yarn stash is just a wonder to see!

  8. Diana said,

    LOL! Stacey and I have talked about the need for a sock club support group. I totally thought I was going to let my current clubs run out and not join more, but I keep happening upon new clubs! (I missed out on Wool Girl, so we will see I may have to join in April!)So dangerous. They are great ways to try yarns that are harder to get…and I agree with you, they have cut my spending on other just because yarn!

  9. Trish said,

    I think it’s the holidays that have helped curb my spending. 🙂 That and I have a ton of sock yarn.
    Love the wool girls sock club kit. I’m still arguing with my oldest over who gets the YP shipment.

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