Monday's Faves

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It’s a bad photo day. My works in progress will have to wait till the sun decides to come out. So I’m posting some of the gorgeous images I came across on Flickr.com.

ETA: there was a really nice mosaic of great favorites from flickr, but I had a glitch with my account and lost it. I’m sorry.

Happy Monday!

Psst…I’m working on a contest for my upcoming blogoversary…yay! Any ideas will be appreciated.   



Happy 2008!!

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Okay, it’s the middle of January but still, I hope 2008 will be a fantastic year for everyone. I’m so happy to report that I have finally finished my knee high Firestarters and they are super cozy.

There were only a few mods the first being my big mess up with the heel/leg pattern being in stockinette instead of Yarnissima’s original pattern. I used the same increase as the pattern but added 3 more extra increases to compensate for my chubby calves ending with a total of 72 stitches.

If anyone is interested here’s the leg info:

  • Total 10 cable repeat
  • Knit row 9 of pattern (this is the increase)
  • Now there’s 62 sts total
  • Knit 4 rounds following row 1 of the pattern
  • Add another increase (I’m increasing the same way I did for the foot. The increase is in the purl area.)
  • 64sts total
  • Knit 2 rounds following row 1 of the pattern
  • Increase => 66 sts total
  • Knit 2 rounds following row 1 of the pattern
  • Increase => 68 sts total
  • Knit 2 rounds following row 1 of the pattern
  • Increase => 70 sts total
  • Knit 6 rounds following row 1 of the pattern
  • Cuff: *Knit , Purl 1* inorder for the pattern to work out and match up I had to fudge and add 2 more stitches ending up with 72 sts total. I randomly placed the two stitches when I would have to do a K1 I did an M1 increase. (I hope this makes sense)
  • Bind off with Grumperina’s style

knee high Firestarter firestarter firestarter firestarter

Happy Feet. 

Pattern: Firestarter by Yarnissima
Can be found HERE
Yarn: Posh Yarn Lucia (purchased at The Loopy Ewe)
Color: Pantomime
Start: 11/2007
Finished: 1/12/2008
Needle: 32” Knit Picks circ Options 2.25mm/US1

Currently I’m going back to the basics and doing simple patterns. I want a lot of socks so I’m sticking to the easy stuff until I spy a must have or want a challenge. Have a great Wednesday!