What I saw today…

Posted in Random Me at 5:31 pm by Jennie

Just a drive by post. Thought this was funny.

Target Cart hanging out

A random Target cart in an open field. Luckily for once I had my camera with me. Hmmm the strange things people do and then leave behind.



  1. sophanne said,

    it’s crashed in a very artful way. Seems like there’s an ICHC LOL caption to go with it- just don’t know what it is.

  2. Trish said,

    lol….the things people do when they are bored. The shopping cart looks like it’s seen better days. 🙂

  3. Shannon said,

    Looks like someone just saw the movie Jackass!

  4. Jean said,

    How weird.

  5. Dove said,

    Freedom! It has escaped!

  6. gray la gran said,

    …. kinda makes you wonder if ____ was/were practicing for the ‘darwin’ awards?

  7. Pheelya said,

    That is too funny!

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