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This sock drove me crazy only because I could not seem to get a good short row heel. But for now things are okay and I suppose practice will make it better.

Sockina Cotton
Yarn: Sockina Cotton
Color: 0004
Info: 55% cotton, 25% polyamid, 20% acrylic

I liked working with this yarn because it’s really soft and felt nice sliding through my fingers. My only gripe is that these socks don’t bounce back after you try them on.

Remember my test footie awhile back where I thought I’d test the Araucania in the washer and dryer to see if we really had to handwash the yarn? Well, sadly this is a handwash must. The footie came out about and inch shorter lengthwise and a bit fuzzy. But if you accidentally put your socks through the washer and dryer, I think a one time oops will be okay. Since my footie still fits, just a bit on the snug side.

Comparison Woven Stitch
Pattern: Woven Stitch from Sensational Knitted Socks
Yarn: Araucanica Ranco Multy
Color: 310
Info: 75% wool, 25% Polyamide
**Must handwash**



  1. Sharon said,

    Beautiful socks! My second pair of socks ever were done in cotton, and I’ve never worked with cotton sock yarns since. I don’t like that they don’t hold their shape…one of these days, I’ll find the ‘perfect’ cotton sock yarn. As for the handwashing – off, good luck. 😉 I actually handwash most of my socks to make them last longer. I’m soooo s-l-o-w at knitting them that I want them to last forever. haha.

  2. Trish said,

    Thanks for letting us know about the Araucanica. I don’t mind handwashing socks. FYI Cherry Tree Hill Supersock may say machine wash but it is not! I found out the hard way when a pair of mine went through the washer and shrunk so badly I couldn’t put them on my feet.

  3. stacey said,

    I love your wooden blockers and that fabulous pair of socks on it! You are so thorough to check the washability – thanks for checking it and sharing the results – good to know! The socks are gorgeous and worthy of handwashing:)

  4. Jean said,

    Beautiful socks! Well done!

  5. Heather said,

    Both are lovely, I had forgotten that I also have some of that Sockina, and now you’re making me want to dig it out!

  6. leah said,

    You did such a good job getting your stripes to match! They look super!

  7. gray la gran said,

    ….. ooooh! i saw the sockina socks on flickr, and i’m still in love with them here!!!

  8. Valerie said,

    Your Araucania socks came out really well! It’s really good to know that the yarn must be handwashed. Did you machine wash cold on delicate or did you put it through a regular load? That might make a difference too.

  9. Alice said,

    Thank you for the info on the Ranco! Even if they do need to be handwashed, those have to be the prettiest socks I’ve ever seen.

  10. wiscjennyann said,

    Oh, those Araucanica Woven Stitch socks are gorgeous! And I’m very impressed by your *identical* Sockinas. I always mean to try and get the striping close to the same on both socks, but ultimately cannot be bothered so always end up with fraternal twins… I toast your skillz & attentiveness!

  11. Monica said,

    The socks look wonderful. I have not tried the Sockina. I do like the Regia Cotton Surf, it has wool in it though, 45% I think. And I think it is discontinued.

    Love the Ranco multy sock That turned out great.

  12. tiennie said,

    Your socks are fantastic! Great job!

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